Six word Saturday

This little piggy went to market…

Did any of them stay home?

Last weekend there was a Christmas fair in Odeleite, with an assortment of camels, donkeys, sheep, a cow and a dog- some real, some not!  I intended to show them all in gallery form.  Anyone else having issues with WP galleries?  Or anything else, for that matter?  I think some might be, over at Six Word Saturday.   Have a good weekend!



  1. Cute and easy to feed, but not so good for bacon or ham! 🙂 Just for fun:

    The name for a group of pigs depends on the animals’ ages. A group of young pigs is called a drift, drove or litter. Groups of older pigs are called a sounder of swine, a team or passel of hogs or a singular of boars.

    Happy weekend.


  2. Very cute! I haven’t blogged for a few days so haven’t noticed any problems. After reading the comments I dashed over to check out my own blog in case the existing galleries had gone wrong, but the last few posts anyway seem ok. I hope Jude is right and the experts get it fixed soon!

  3. Intriguing shots, Jo! Piggies are adorable.

    Are the WP gallery issues new to you or have they always been trouble? Are you using the new Gutenberg editor? Galleries don’t work well with that, but there is an option to select “classic editor” within the blocks and then you can just use the media and do what you’ve always done. And, it works. I hope you’ll get it figured out…

    1. I’ve never used the new system, Liesbet. Old dog, and all that… 🙂 🙂 Jude says it’s been reported to the engineers who are working on the issues so I’ll just leave them to it and hope. Fortunately I already have my Monday walk written. 🙂 Thanks, hon!

  4. Very cute. Bad news about the galleries — though it sounds like Jude is on to it. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to look back over old posts, but I do hope they fix it soon.

  5. Not you. I noticed the galleries playing up last night. The option to tile or use Squares etc was missing. I looked at an older post and the galleries were all messed up. Haven’t looked today, but I will now. As for the piggies, they are very cute and much less smelly than real ones!

    1. Oh, darn! I love the galleries and playing about to get them how I want them. 😦 I already have Monday’s post done. Hadn’t though of older posts. I may well quit if this isn’t just a glitch. Taking Marie to Loulé for the Christmas Fair then over to hers for the Strictly final so I’ll check later tonight. Thanks, hon! 🙂 🙂

    2. I managed to contact the WP help (there was a post in the forum too to which I added my complaint). The reply I received from the WP ‘expert’ (note not an Happiness Engineer) was this “I have seen many other people experiencing the same problem. It seems there’s some glitch the technical team is working on to fix. Many people have reported it. Please wait for a while? It’s because many questions have been sent to the staff regarding it. I am sure; it will get fixed as soon as possible.”

      So fingers and toes crossed 🤞 meanwhile my posts look like a dog’s dinner!

      1. Today was a good day. Did a bit outside. Second day smoke free (almost as I still have logs and stumps burning) Good to be able to go outside even though it was a bit hot 34C
        How was your day Jo? x

      2. Full! 🙂 🙂 And that’s not just cake, Brian, though it was pretty fabulous too. T’ai chi, shopping, then a very nice Christmas fair with our neighbour, Marie. Going to hers to watch the Strictly Come Dancing final, after I’ve put food in the slow cooker. Still full of cake!

  6. Jo, these are so cute … and a very different Christmas statue! 😀 Did you buy anything at the Christmas fair? I’ve had some hassle putting on anything more than a single photo but then it seems to work. Have you contacted the amusingly called Happiness Enigneers? It takes time but they do seem to solve problems … once you’ve discovered their help form which seems to be hidden away!

    1. Time- or lack of it!- is exactly the problem, Annika. I’ll see how it goes over the Christmas period, but I’m not a patient person. 😦 This is the same little village as my flirty bins were from last week. I bought some earrings for my daughter and, dare I say it- cake 🙂 🙂 Off to one last Christmas Fair in Loulé with our neighbour, Marie, very soon, then back to hers for the Strictly final 🙂

  7. No problems here with WP, just a pc with a processor which can’t cope with more than three things at once without freezing – it’s just taken me two days to write my latest blog post! 😦 Love the piggies by the way 🙂

  8. So far, no problems I’ve noticed, but I don’t think I could take it if WP went wonky and here I am just recovering from the hard drive crash. What cool wire piggies. Looks like quite the fair going on.

    1. It’s a tiny village and I was very impressed with the sculptures. 🙂 🙂 I think the Happiness Engineers might have been tinkering because I can no longer set up my galleries in the way I like. 😦

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