Six word Saturday

Layers of deliciousness!  Which to choose?

Maybe a little of each?  Amy invited us to explore Layers in this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.  I certainly did my best during my daughter’s visit.  This photo is an October Square, so I think I can count a line or two for Becky, and Debbie is always generous with her Six Words.  It just remains  to wish you all a happy weekend.  See you on Monday!



  1. Multi layering and multi linking going on here Jo. You are evil 😈 to tempt me with these wicked cakes. Thank goodness there are no calories consumed in just looking! Alex bought some Bakewell tarts the other day – each tiny tart has 30g carbs and 20g sugar! 5 TEASPOONS OF SUGAR!
    He was told to forget about his sugar intake as he needs to put on weight, but even he agreed that this was ridiculous.

    I hate to think how many are in these, but they do look yummy…

    1. We’ve done so much hurtling about the place lately I needed fattening up too, Jude. And no calories at all in just looking. Which would you have? 😍🍩👀💕

  2. I was going to write “a little bit of each”, but then I changed my mind, as one looks better than the others. The top left pastry for me, please! Have a wonderful weekend as well, Jo. With less indulgence, now that your daughter left… 🙂

    1. I liked the look of that one too, Liesbet. Most people don’t believe me but I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth. But there are a few pastries that need polishing off 😘🍰🍩👀💕

  3. Too much wickedness here, Jo. But I find myself rather fancying the neat slice with the cherry on top. Happy weekend to you. Here we are about to become ducks or fishes.

    1. I am so industrious that a little wickedness goes unnoticed, Tish. T’ai chi done, food shopping, washing hung out, just having a rest between mopping floors. I hate to say it but 22C and glorious on the roof. Sorry 😔💔🍰👀🍷 xx

  4. Which one indeed?! 😀 Never mind the beautiful climate, stunning landscape… I’d visit Portugal for the cakes alone! All look delicious so perhaps a little from each? How lovely your daughter was over to visit and bet you had a magical time! 😀

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