Six word Saturday

Layers of deliciousness!  Which to choose?

Maybe a little of each?  Amy invited us to explore Layers in this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.  I certainly did my best during my daughter’s visit.  This photo is an October Square, so I think I can count a line or two for Becky, and Debbie is always generous with her Six Words.  It just remains  to wish you all a happy weekend.  See you on Monday!



  1. Ooh I could have eaten any – but would the one with fruit be deemed a little ‘healthier’ so my conscience would make me choose that one – possibly or possibly not – ha ha ha!


  2. These cakes look scrumptious Jo! Hope you’ve had a lovely visit with your daughter 🙂 I’ll come back later to see if you’re walking this week (no problem if not). Not sure if the clocks change in Portugal or not – I must remember the UK is now 8 hours behind us in Perth as they have gone back to winter time. Hope all is well with you! 🙂 🙂


  3. My mouth started watering as soon as the picture loaded! They look good enough to eat. That one in front looks like one of my grandmother’s creations.


  4. Jo as that vision of deliciousness appeared on my screen I began to salivate immediately! I’ll go with a taste of each but I do have a special fondness for chocolate. Hope you are doing well Jo. Sending hugs from Canada.


    1. Doing very well, thanks, Sue. In fact I’m meeting one of your compatriots later today. Lynn of Life after 50 will be in town with some of her friends. A mad week because on Thursday I’m going to Seville to finally meet Sue of Words Visual. The world is getting smaller 🙄🍩🍰💕

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    1. Ooh, I do love dates! Best thing about Christmas. Well… after the angels and shepherds and cake… 🙂 🙂 Been entertaining this afternoon. Just chucked them out and washed up. Meeting Lynn from Canada (Life after 50) tomorrow lunchtime, after Portuguese lesson. What a week this is! Mick said ‘who am I meeting next?’ Thanks for the lovely email. You always make me smile. Hope I can respond in kind.


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