Six word Saturday

‘Those we miss you’ll surely pardon…?’

‘How many kinds of sweet flowers grow in an English Country Garden?’  Who’d have thought I’d manage to squeeze in a visit to an Open Garden on my recent UK trip!  Sleightholmedale Lodge, near Kirby Moorside, had a lovely hillside location.  And cake!  But I stoutly resisted.  ‘

As usual, Debbie has the market cornered on six words.  Why not join in?  Wishing you a happy Saturday!



  1. Oh to walk in this garden at Sleightholmedale Lodge! Thank you for taking me there virtually. Sorry that you missed the cake but glad to read above that you will still allow yourself to be naughty on Mondays ;-). I have been saying ‘yes’ to cake too often these days and it shows (in my growing waist and large smile on my face ;-0)

  2. A lovely treat for us to see; better than cake any day. And I am not at all surprised you managed to fit in an open garden visit. If anyone can fit things in, you can. You are amazing.

    1. It was a magnificent estate, Sue. A bit of a handful to upkeep I imagine. I always enjoy a look at how the other half live but a lot of hard work involved too. 🤗🐛🥀🌻💕

      1. It has been horrible here. Bushfires, windy bringing in dust from farmland to the west combined with smoke and Summer temperatures is not pleasant. Other than that I have been fine and looking forward to a lovely Sunday 😘💕

  3. Well I just HAD to find that song on YouTube didn’t I? I was brought up with the radio – we didn’t have a tv until I was 11 – and when I was a kid that song by Jimmie Rodgers was one of my favourites 🙂 Lovely photos and lovely flowers with such gorgeous colours 🙂

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