Six word Saturday

‘Those we miss you’ll surely pardon…?’

‘How many kinds of sweet flowers grow in an English Country Garden?’  Who’d have thought I’d manage to squeeze in a visit to an Open Garden on my recent UK trip!  Sleightholmedale Lodge, near Kirby Moorside, had a lovely hillside location.  And cake!  But I stoutly resisted.  ‘

As usual, Debbie has the market cornered on six words.  Why not join in?  Wishing you a happy Saturday!



  1. Wat een prachtige blogs … (Diepe zucht …), zo’n verademing, om weer eens iets moois te zien … Ik maak foto’s van de polders in Noord-Holland en hun “oude dorpjes”, wat er nog van over is, dus … Er wordt in Nederland gebouwd! Niet normaal meer! Lieve groetjes vanuit Amsterdam, donderdag 10-10-2019 * *

  2. The quintessential English country garden…and what a bonanza of flowers, pollen, colors, bees, and natural beauty. Thanks for bringing us this pure beauty, Jo.

  3. A gorgeous display of colors, Jo! I’m finding that everywhere we go these days, the flowers are wilting or gone. Can you believe the leaves are turning already in this part of the world/Canada? Where has the summer gone! At least the gardens in England seem to still be in summer mode!

    1. I caught the tail end of summer in the UK, Liesbet. Isn’t weather a sensitive subject? Everybody wants rain for the gardens but nobody wants it on their head 🙂 🙂

      1. We are real wimps when it comes to rain and cold weather, Jo, especially since we are living in a tiny camper with a big dog. So, just enough rain to keep Mother Nature happy sounds about right. 🙂

  4. Such a beautiful northern summery display! I feel like our flowers here in the south are already half-dead in the heat. These make me happy and smiley – thanks!

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