Six word Saturday

What a town!  What a night!

With the long summer evenings there was plenty of time to watch the fun develop.  Tavira Day 2019 was a huge success!

The display of fireworks was spectacular!  And Rui Veloso held the crowd in the palm of his hands as they crooned along with him.  Debbie is celebrating Summer too, over at Six Word Saturday.  Why not join her?  And have a great weekend!



      1. We’ve got a walk at 9 this morning, an hour’s drive away. Glutton for punishment comes to mind, but it’s a place I haven’t been for ages and the last Council walk of the season. 🙂

    1. Situation about normal here for the time of year, Gilda. It peaks around 29/30C and you can usually find a breeze by the water. I don’t like it hotter but I can cope for short spells. How are you doing? 😎🌊⛵🍨💕

  1. I have a friend who teaches Watercolor she would love to bring a group there to Portugal what is the best area with the most interest and places to stay? Any Ideas?
    Thanks for all your trips 🙂

    1. I’m biased, of course, but Tavira is a beautiful town. The Algarve end to end only takes a couple of hours to drive and by American standards that’s nothing. I have no idea of costs and flights from the States but can certainly recommend places in the area. My email is on the About page if you need advice. 😍💕

      1. OK her name is Doris Rice and I will share this with her I am also biased I love New England the best ❤

  2. Do the Portuguese ever stop celebrating? Saying that it is Mazey Day today so Penzance will be heaving (Golowan Festival to celebrate midsummer lasts all week)

    “Throughout the Mazey weekend keep a look out across the bay for the beautiful sail powered ship The Gallant – it will be docking in Penzance Harbour. The Gallant will be bringing produce from Portugal”

    No doubt if you were here you’d be there! As for me I am off to visit A 🙂

      1. OK. I’ll message you. I’m not one for crowds so tend to avoid festivals, though I might have gone into Penzance today under different circumstances. Next year perhaps.

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