Six word Saturday

What a town!  What a night!

With the long summer evenings there was plenty of time to watch the fun develop.  Tavira Day 2019 was a huge success!

The display of fireworks was spectacular!  And Rui Veloso held the crowd in the palm of his hands as they crooned along with him.  Debbie is celebrating Summer too, over at Six Word Saturday.  Why not join her?  And have a great weekend!



  1. A wonderful celebration! Well captured. Jo. A bit more time this week (and an environment that allows for internet time), so I’m catching up on blogs. Couldn’t comment to your first walk in the Azores, though, as the comment section was closed. Loved all the flowers innthat one and the pleasant surprise. First impressions aren’t always valid! 🙂 Not sure whether you knew about the comments being turned off, as, apparently, this happened to my older blogs on WordPress as well, without my doing.


    1. I did try to adjust comments without much success, Liesbet. Sorry about that. Have you seen this week’s walk? I was going to ‘nudge’ you because it may well have some of your friends artwork. 🙂 🙂


    1. It was! 🙂 🙂 I thought they’d have left the paper flowers up for the summer, as there are shows in the Praca every evening, but no… they’ve all gone. All that work!


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