Six word Saturday

Playing around in the salt pans

The salt pans in summer fascinate.  I will mostly be posting Azores in the coming weeks, but I can’t ignore the crystalline beauty on my doorstep.

It’s party time here in the Algarve.  On Monday, 24th June, it will be Tavira Day and a celebration of Sáo Joáo.  There are paper flowers everywhere, and music and fireworks will fill the air.  I’ll be joining in, of course.  Have a great weekend!  But don’t forget to play with words at Debbie’s!



    1. Mid 20s, Cathy. Any hotter and I struggle. T’ai ch was lovely in the park this morning. Off to the beach, for Mick, this afternoon. I’ve got a book 😎🌊⛵🍨💕

    1. Well, I don’t like to be bored. Hanging around on the roof for half hour but then I think it’s beach time. Haven’t been for days! Had our Portuguese neighbours in the other evening. Nervous but I don’t know why cos they’re lovely. Nearly killed the bizzy lizzies they brought, with the heat 😎💕

      1. Well it is good that you are mingling with the natives! I’d hate to be in a ‘Little Britain’ but I guess the language is a factor. I rarely go to the beach, but then I spend time in the garden when it is a nice day.

      2. Do tell? I haven’t followed this week. I gather it rained. Who’s in men’s final? I hear Andy is playing doubles at Wimbledon, with Lopez. I’ve done it again! Mick’s birthday on 12th and we’re in Aveiro 😆💕

      3. Oh dear! Well grass isn’t Rafa’s favourite surface! And Aveiro does look nice. Is he driving there? Some of the matches have been boring, but the doubles were fun! Murray looking great.

      4. He’s made semis last couple of times. We’re back for the final. 😆 Yes, driving up, which takes 4 and a half hours. Thought he’d opt for train but this gives us flexibility. Got a nice canalside hotel for the boat festival. Murray in the final then? 😍🎾🏆💕

      1. Not really. T’ai chi, beach, bar, cook supper, write Mondays walk because we’re walking in the morning and fireworks tomorrow eve. Just enough to keep it interesting. You meeting friends? 😃☕🍰🍷💕

  1. Awesome photos. I’ve seen salt pans in India a long long time ago. Your pictures brought back those memories.

    dropping by from 6WS

  2. What wonderful images, Jo. Your first shot in particular is great composition.And what a sight to have on your doorstep.
    It is party time here in St Albans too – St Alban’s Day and a pilgrimage through town this morning at the end of which St Alban is beheaded outside the cathedral!
    Have great weekend, Jo

  3. I hope this is sustainable Jo. Does the estuary get affected by the water diversion? Just the environmentalist in me talking. If it doesn’t harm the local ecology it is a great enterprise 🙂

      1. Yes thank my Jo 🙂 I’ve been bush cutting firewood with my chainsaw, pulling out Lantana ( an invasive weed here) and generally doing blokey stuff. How about you?

      1. Yes, Jo, that’s the way it is. If you want to go to Camargue for birdlife, do it in early spring. The salt pans are particularly attractive in the summer light. Have a nice weekend. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. It is almost like ice on the photos. Beautiful and alien. Really amazing photos, Jo! Enjoy the party week, dance and smile. Here’s a hug from the Netherlands. Will you catch it? x

    1. They are fabulous at this time of year, Andrew. Like a lunar landscape! I don’t envy the workers, raking it in in the heat. 😦 Did you see the Serra de Topo walk? It was a beauty, but hard on the legs. 🙂 🙂

    1. All winter they are just salt water, Margaret, and a habitat for birds, but when the sun starts to crystallise the salt it becomes a weird lunar landscape that you feel you could walk out over. But don’t try it! 🙂 🙂

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