Six word Saturday

Playing around in the salt pans

The salt pans in summer fascinate.  I will mostly be posting Azores in the coming weeks, but I can’t ignore the crystalline beauty on my doorstep.

It’s party time here in the Algarve.  On Monday, 24th June, it will be Tavira Day and a celebration of Sáo Joáo.  There are paper flowers everywhere, and music and fireworks will fill the air.  I’ll be joining in, of course.  Have a great weekend!  But don’t forget to play with words at Debbie’s!



    1. I love the crystals, Gilly. Certainly feeling a little ‘deflated’ after all the excitement 🙂 🙂 I never saw the Praca so full! An older guy called Rui Veloso, and he had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Magic! We’d taken Marie along and she’d had a bad day with builders, but she came home smiling and so excited.


  1. Jo, along with everyone I do find your photos of the ‘ Flor de Sal ‘ . Another beautiful creation by nature. I know how they come about
    but what stuns me are again the beauty all the reflection from that shimmer from the surfaces.
    Like huge jewellery but only better.

    There are many fantastic places on this Earth to feel at home with.



  2. Fab photos Jo, they look almost other-worldly don’t they? And watch yourself at party time too. Try and behave just a little ………….


  3. Have fun on the 24th, Jo. It’s a celebration too in Florence–La Festa di San Giovanni. Enjoy! Your shots are terrific. I always wondered what salt flats look like.


    1. At this time of year it certainly feels that way, Gunta. The evenings are long and warm and people want to be outdoors. I’ve just come inside now to make supper. 🙂 🙂


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