Six word Saturday

Sharing a few memories with friends

It was a great week, in excellent company.  ‘We’ve been so many places, I can’t remember the names!’  The first was Fuseta.  Click on the photos for a clue.  And then pop over to Debbie with six words.  She loves photos!  Happy Saturday everybody…



  1. Hello.

    What a great variety of beautiful photos. I loved especially beautiful roses photo! I am glad that I had possibility to see this post. Thank You.

    Happy weekend!


  2. What a joy to have such a special time with friends! I’m sure you’ll be reviewing the memories for a long time to come, Jo! Lovely photos, as always. 🙂


  3. Mom says you are quite the adventurer, just like me. She sends her love and asked that I must tell you she missed your wonderful posts.
    I love those apple dumplings. Apples are my favorite fruit for sure.

    Thanks for sharing your awesome memories. They are just great. 😀


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