Silves- a winning formula!

Where should I be the other day but in Silves, showing my friends from the north east of England this lovely city.  Once I’d spotted another alluring electricity box, playfully painted, the hunt was on for some more of these beauties.

If you remember from Street Art in Silves, the colours are vibrant and the subjects very endearing.  I might have cheated a little with some of these but they completely reflect the character of the place.

Ian really got into the spirit of things, didn’t he?  They’ve gone home again now, but I know they enjoyed themselves.  And, boy, did they love cake!  Have you added any Street Art to Patti’s collection yet?  There’s still time.


  1. How charming! Everything about this town impresses me, Jo. Its citizens are art lovers, certainly, and so creative. It must lift moods just to walk around the town taking note of the beautiful images and bright colors! I’m so glad you and your friends took advantage of the opportunity. What a delightful time. 🙂


  2. I know your friends had to enjoy themselves, how could they not. Sharing these remarkable sights along with good food and friendship, they took lots of good memories home with them.


  3. Why have dull utilities when you can have colourful artworks? They’re great fun, I saw a couple in Marseille, but sadly none here yet. You must be getting really, really excited now, when are you off? Have a fab weekend darling, I’m hoping to get the chores sorted quickly so I can sew xx


    1. In panic mode at the minute and can’t sleep, Gilly! I feel so unprepared with all that’s been going on. Need to get my head round it. Hopefully it’s be ‘alright on the night’ 🙂 🙂

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  4. Visited Silves and thought it was lovely but you’ve opened up a whole new view on the place. So colourful and packed full of character, love the photos.


  5. Wow, what an amazing array of themes and colors in these electricity boxes–truly a vibrant town filled with art and joy. Great post, Jo. Your photos did a good job of capturing each box and the art on it. I really like your photo with the flower blossom tree and face-painted pots on the wall, as well. Although I like all the boxes, my favorite is the swallows on the electrical lines at sunrise.


  6. It looks like Ian really was enjoying himself! I love the face flower pots on the side of the wall, and that orange tree. I love how the town has made something normally ugly into pieces of art. Wonderful collection, Jo. 🙂


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