Six word Saturday

Those white tents are up again!

I can’t say it hasn’t been a busy week!  Celebrating life at Easter was full of magical moments.  And this weekend, Mostra da Primavera, a show celebrating Spring, with music, dance and good food.  Last night we experienced spectacular Fado, by the riverside in the Mercado.

Today?  Well, it’s World T’ai Chi Day, and at 10.00 this morning I will be taking part in a Flash Mob in Tavira town centre.  Wish me luck!  Sorry, Debbie- I couldn’t say all that in six words.  I’m not ‘up to scratch’.  🙂  Happy Saturday, one and all!



  1. Happy Saturday, Jo! You are one busy bee indeed. And, being in a place with beautiful weather will not keep you at home more. 🙂 What a beautiful area, and that blue sky always gets me!

    If you have room on Monday for an extra walk at the bottom of your post, I’d love to be included. Mark and I did an amazing and special (“rare”) hike a few weeks ago and the sandstone formations along the way were spectacular:

    Thank you!

    1. Exhausting sometimes! I have retired to the roof for now. Washing dried. T’ai chi accomplished. Walking in the morning and Lisboa bagpipers at teatime. When will I find time to watch Rafa? 😎📯🎼🎵🎷🎾💕

  2. Jo, a flash mob? 😀 Oooooh, fun and laughter! I hope the choreography feels smooth and natural. 😉
    Wonderful spring photos, dear. And to listen to Fado near a river… ❤

  3. That’s my kind of week! Been dreary here so it doesn’t entice you to go out but I did do some interesting things this week.

  4. You busy lady! I feel like a sloth in comparison! Have a fab weekend, Jo…..I’m having a quiet weekend this week, but hoping for a very noisy Sunday morning in a week’s time……

  5. Sounds like a great week, Jo. And I can see we are all awaiting eagerly the photos of the Tai Chi 🙂
    And no problem about the six excess – I broke the rules well and truly today too

  6. What fun! Hope it went well . . . . .Christian mentioned that was something extra special happening this Saturday. Hope someone takes lots of photos for you

    1. The weather was fabulous and despite a few nerves it went ok. Having a video camera pointed at me didn’t help. Looking forward to the Lisboa bagpipers tomorrow teatime closing the show 😥🎼📯🎶💕

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