Six word Saturday

Those white tents are up again!

I can’t say it hasn’t been a busy week!  Celebrating life at Easter was full of magical moments.  And this weekend, Mostra da Primavera, a show celebrating Spring, with music, dance and good food.  Last night we experienced spectacular Fado, by the riverside in the Mercado.

Today?  Well, it’s World T’ai Chi Day, and at 10.00 this morning I will be taking part in a Flash Mob in Tavira town centre.  Wish me luck!  Sorry, Debbie- I couldn’t say all that in six words.  I’m not ‘up to scratch’.  🙂  Happy Saturday, one and all!



      1. Well done and I’m impressed! In January I tried to sign up for a local tai chi but didn’t hear back until last week as their emails were down. I’ll be starting with the latest beginners group soon – very exciting.

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  1. It’s all looking splendid darling, I bet the temperature is perfect right now. Fado in the market, I’m not at all envious and the roses are blooming already. Happy days and hugs for you 🙂


  2. How fabulous! Beautiful photos, but I am skipping all comments and jumping right to my main question! I want to know all about the flash mob! 🙂


    1. It was actually rather nice to be part of, Debbie. 🙂 🙂 Our leader is a lovely man and though I was nervous at being in a public arena there was a good sized group of us. Solidarity in numbers. 🙂 I was too engrossed to take photos but there may be some forthcoming.

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  3. What treasures your new life gives you, so different from England. Fado for you and Beethoven in the Bush for me, in company of a good friend. And then … and then … a surprise visit from my Australian daughter!!!!!


  4. Six words – my husband would love it if I could describe anything in six words – tis said I talk a lot, he he! Pretty pics here and love to hear more about your t’ai chi – hopefully someone took photos you can share with us here.


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