Jo’s Monday walk : Zoo, zoo, Zoomarine!

There are few worse feelings than that waving goodbye at the airport, but I’m gathering up some happy memories to share with you this week.  This was our third, and possibly last, visit to Zoomarine.  There’s something so endearing about a dolphin.  You’d sacrifice your bath for a week or two if you were offered the loan of one, wouldn’t you?  I know I would!

It’s great to be surrounded by smiling faces, and the zoo-themed water park has taken a leaf or three from the famous Florida parks, including a ‘catchy’ tune.  It’s not something I would recommend for every day as it’s quite a costly business and in full summer would be far too busy for enjoyment.  At this time of year, though, the sunshine can be quite warm and the water parks themselves are not yet open, so you can quite effectively kill 2 birds with one stone.  But please don’t talk about killing birds around here.  They do have ears, you know!

Talking of birds, isn’t this the most wonderful tropical plant ever?  I always have to stop to admire the Bird of Paradise.

The flora and fauna create a pleasant environment for a stroll, and you can always spice it up with a ride or two.  The wave maker was none too rough, but you could whoop your way down the water chute, as mine did.

A particular favourite with small person was the rollercoaster.  ‘Hands up’ as you swoop downwards.  He quite liked being high above the park too.

The sea lion show was in the process of being revamped, but there were crazy pirate acrobatics to compensate, and some hefty dinosaurs were being craned into position for a future Jurassic feature.  Zoomarine has all the makings of a great family day out.

I suspect Patti knew I wouldn’t be able to resist her Delicious post this week.  I almost met the lovely lady when she passed through Portugal earlier this month, but it didn’t quite happen.  Hopefully another time.  She and the Lens-Artists are doing such a good job.  And for those of you who care about these things, the one on the right was my choice.

walking logo

Time to catch up with a couple of weeks worth of walks.  Please do visit any you’ve missed.  And many thanks to all of you for continuing to follow along on Jo’s Monday walk.  It’s much appreciated.


Why not let Janet tempt you with an almond croissant?  Or even a small absinthe…

Monday walk…in the Franche-Comté

Monday walk…the green fairy garden

You’ll be full as a gun when you’re finished over at Jackie’s!

Warm and toasty

Debbie I can always rely on to find me a view I’ve never seen before :

Roaming ’round Rabat

And Suzanne to sing lovely New Zealand’s praises loud and clear :

Hiking the Whakarewarewa Circuit

But I could almost be homesick for England when I look at some of Jude’s posts :

Around Trencrom

Penlee Park

And then Tish really made me wish I’d made it to the Malverns :

Stepping Through Time and Space in the Malvern Hills (cue Edward Elgar)

Margaret seduced me completely by taking me back to Staithes, an old haunt of mine, and then disaster struck :

Ragtag Saturday: The Cleveland Coast

Les demoiselles de Caraybat, daffodils and gentians : revisited

Lisa, meanwhile, had her eye on a young eagle :

Jo’s Monday Walk

Life on the move.  Drake knows all about that!

Day on the go

Where did Irene get to this week?

Walk Along The Trails

Soft and gentle Spring time, with Rupali :

Weekend 76: Spring 2019

It’s fascinating seeing the world from different perspectives.  Susanne shared close to home :

A Walk through Fairhaven and Western Washington University

And Cathy… well, she’s always wandering  🙂

(Camino day 11) a day in Logrono

(Camino day 12) Logrono to Ventosa

But you could create your own Algarve walk, with a little help from a friend.  Many thanks, Becky!

A magnificent hike in the Lower Guadiana

It’s Easter next weekend and I hope to share with you some of the magic of this special time of the year here in the Algarve.  It would be great if you could join me.  Meantime, have a happy and peaceful week!


  1. Like most people, I share your love of dolphins and their quirky behavious. My favourite was one in the seas of Galicia who always accompanied my fisherman friend when he went fishing and he amused me all the way out to his mussle-beds. I like to think he even enjoyed the novelty of a ‘lady’ on board the boat.
    As usual, your photos are brilliant. I love all your birds.

    1. I’ve only ever seen them in the wild once, Mari- off the coast of La Gomera in the Canaries. A magical sight on a gilded evening sea. 🙂 🙂 Thanks, darlin! Those birds were so flamboyant. 🙂

  2. What a lovely outing with your family, Jo. It brought back memories of when our son was young. He still loves water parks today! And thanks too for your kind words about me and the challenge. 🙂 🙂 I’m so glad you joined us this week! And we will meet sometime….I’m sure of it!

    1. We used to go to water parks with one of our son’s fearless friends, Patti, and he would head for the biggest, scariest ride while we looked on in horror. He’d always come off grinning! Our son wasn’t so brave so I sympathise when our little fella complains about cold water. I hate it too, but I love the dolphins. 🙂 🙂 Take care, darlin!

  3. Do you see yourself as a food writer or a travel writer???? First Sue offers cheese when there’s none in the house, and now you cake ditto. Did you go up in the air? I had to a few years ago (my big grandkids you know) and I hated it. Same in Slovenia heading up an alp in a swinging carriage with no visible driver. But those birds!! And no doubt the delight of your small person. I’m ambivalent about performing dolphins, but they’re so good at it!

    1. I’m just a lass that likes words and pictures 🙂 🙂 Happy Easter, lovely lady! No doubt you’ll have to shop for visitor’s favourite cheese 🙂 I don’t mind the big wheel or chair lifts but I prefer not to have dangly feet. 🙂 The relationship between trainers and dolphins is something special, and it’s lovely to see ‘mum’ swimming alongside her offspring and gently nudging it to roll over. Actually this 3rd visit of ours ended in tears because the water was really cold and a certain small person didn’t want to go in. As so often, I don’t tell the whole story, but life is more than just words and pictures, isn’t it? Sad now they’ve gone, but life remains busy. Sending a bag of hugs!

    1. You must have lots of these kind of theme parks, Carol, but I don’t suppose you’d go without a child in tow? Fun for the grown up child too, though 🙂 🙂

  4. zoo is always fun for family visits, Jo. and those dolphins do really know how to entertain! the birds are gorgeous and very colorful! thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Great place to see nature up close, but I cannot bring myself to go to these sort of places. There are few zoo-like places that give animals habitat and space to replicate their natural environment. There are various discussions about them that include protecting some species.

    1. I understand your reservations, Sally, but these creatures lead a charmed life and obviously enjoy the interaction with their trainers. They are bred in captivity and obviously don’t have the freedom of the seas, but watching them frolic with their babies is a privilege and a delight.

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