Jo’s Monday walk : La Collina Verde to Moncarapacho

I don’t mind to watch a bit of golf on TV, especially if Tiger is in town, but I’ve never had the coordination or a serious desire to get involved in the game.  Portugal is famed for its golf courses and it was inevitable that our paths would cross at some point.  A couple of walking friends have a very nice villa on the small, countrified La Collina Verde course, in the Eastern Algarve.  They very generously provided coffee for all as we gathered to start our walk.  With the Strollers this time, it was a shortish, level walk at a gentle pace.

Skirting the golf course, we passed by pomegranate and orange groves, lush fruit dangling temptation on all sides.  A very obliging local squeezed his cart to one side and posed for the camera, his animal in full regalia.

Hot pink blooms assaulted my senses, while shadows fell across a rusted wheel, and a once-loved cottage trailed its timbers in the dust.

We had soon reached our halfway point, Moncarapacho, for a coffee stop.  It’s not a village that I know well.  My last visit was on a rainy February day, dodging umbrellas to watch the lively Carnival parade.  This time I was very taken with the old square, wedged between a couple of churches and a café or two.  While the others sat and chatted, I couldn’t resist a wander, especially thrilled to find the church door ajar.

We lingered a while, in no hurry to leave a sunny and engaging spot.  The locals gave us curious glances, till eventually someone got us all moving again.  It’s quite a big group and you can saunter at will, exchanging dollops of information with whoever is your neighbour at the time.  They’re a friendly bunch and conversation is always easy.  I count myself lucky to have come across the group in my early days in the Algarve.

The contrast with extremely stylish elegance and the tumbledown never ceases to amaze me.  Moncarapacho is well equipped with both.  A right turn or two and we were back on country lanes.  This is ‘nora’ territory and the wells abound, some still in working order but many just a legacy of times gone by.  Polytunnels seem to proliferate now.  I’m never sure what is being grown, but am simply grateful that this beautiful climate is being used to provide people with a livelihood.

We wended our way back to La Collina Verde.  No golfers in evidence but the clubhouse had been opened to provide us with a splendid lunch.  Should I leave you with a choice of dessert?  Don’t ask me which has more calories.  I haven’t a clue!

You can probably tell, I’m more than content with life just now.  A certain person has hinted that I may grow fat and happy.  With the miles we walk?  Seriously!  Besides which, I’m still running up and downstairs, finding homes for things.  Perhaps some of them should have been left in the UK.  I’ll know better if I ever move again.  Or I’ll buy a bungalow.

walking logo

I’m back in business, sharing walks again.  If you have a favourite I’d love to hear about it.  Join me any time, here on Jo’s Monday walk.  You’ll always receive a warm welcome.


Eunice kept up the walking while I was gone, so here you have a choice of two :

Preston Dock – some history, useless information and curiosities

Radcliffe Tower and Close Park

A whirlwind tour of Spain with Jackie.  Stopping to eat, of course!

Spanish Tapas

Jaspa revels in the cold.  Rather him than me!

Old Town Montreal in the COLD!

I’m seeing a lot of cold water with Drake these days, but it’s very beautiful :

Water can be stiff

Us easterners have to stick together, don’t we Geoff?

Where The East Begins#capitalring#walking

I would never accuse Nadine of cheating!  I’ve ridden that steam train but I simply couldn’t shoulder the backpack :

Men in the hills and bulls in the field; day 5 on the Pennine Way, Haworth to Malham (with a train ride… 6 or 7 miles of walking)

Absolutely on top of the world, with Irene :

Top of a Rainforest

I did pretty much this same walk last week.  It’s a wonder I didn’t meet Becky!

Glorious views abound

And Cathy continues to astound with the most incredible landscapes and stories :

Canyon de Chelly: Antelope House, Mummy Cave and Massacre Cave overlooks

I’m currently walking Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, with occasional time off for good behaviour.  Or otherwise!  Have a great week and I’ll see you back here on Monday.


  1. Your comment that polytunnels were a means of providing people with a livelihood (along with the climate of course), reminded me that my recent trip to Italy had me complaining about the landscape being disfigured by this use of plastic but my big worry is that so many farmers don’t bother to clear the plastic away when it’s time to dismantle the tunnels, leaving it to litter the countryside and in many cases to drift with the winds out to sea where it causes untold havoc. I trust the Portuguese farmers have a more responsible attitude to this ‘help’ in their survival.
    Meantime, another enjoyable walk with you and luckily today I wasn’t envious of the cakes as I won a delicious cake in a raffle at the weekend so I can satisfy my sweet tooth when I want.


    1. I understand your concern, Mari, though I was not aware of the problem until I visited Spain at the weekend. There are many more polytunnels there and a walking friend was telling me that they don’t dispose of it properly at all. He seemed to think that Portugal had a more responsible approach but I will definitely be watching to see what happens in Spring. 😦


  2. How nice you were able to go back to this little town on a sunnier day. It’s amazing to see flowers in full bloom at this time of year. We don’t have much of anything blooming in our part of the world. I love the farmer and his decked out cart, the beautiful tiles and peeling walls and doors. Are you settling in, slowly but surely? Thanks for the link, Jo. 🙂


    1. It’s funny, Cathy! Like we’ve never lived anywhere else, and yet so very different from our English life. 🙂 🙂 We were out with a neighbour for supper tonight, and to look at the Christmas lights. The town is really quiet but we bumped into a couple we know and stayed chatting for ages. Such a nice, easy atmosphere.


  3. Looks like a glorious walk Jo and the weather seems amazing still. I think you’ve made a brilliant move there. Not sure you’ll get fat with all that walking though.


  4. A fascinating walk, Jo. But I may not have made it past the pomegranate and orange groves. I would be hoping a pomegranate would fall into my mouth. Very frustrating about the wardrobe malfunction;) . Did you make it to the beach?


  5. Didn’t know Portugal had that many expansive golf courses. All that greenery… Lovely walk with you today, Jo. Great finish by tucking into some treats 🙂 Hope you have a good week ahead and many more walks 🙂 🙂


    1. Hi Mabel! Not got past breakfast on the patio yet this morning. Feeling like a lazy one but I know himself has the list of jobs to hand. Very tempted to slope off to the beach for a while 😃😃 xx


  6. Your joy and happiness of your new world shines through this post Jo. It is such a beautiful part of the world that you have captured with your camera and words. Lovely to see you back with your Monday walks. What season is it in the Algave? Looks perfect weather for walking


    1. We’re late Autumn heading into Winter here, Pauline. The days are noticeably shorter now but it’s lovely having breakfast on our patio (newly painted 😃). Forecast 20C today and I might skip off to the beach for a while xx

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Jo, this is a beautiful post to read with my morning breakfast, under the light of the Christmas star! You sound wonderfully contented and how lovely to be part of such a friendly walking group … this walk seemed leisurely with the requisite Cafe & lunch breaks. Your photos are idyllic, amazing flowers and as for the man with the cart … almost too perfect! Wishing you a lovely week and enjoy the sorting … it’s almost like Christmas when unpacking moving boxes! 😀❤️🌺


    1. Thanks so much, darlin 🙂 🙂 It’s another sparkling blue morning here, but a little DIY is called for. The wardrobe rail collapsed under the weight of all Mick’s clothes yesterday! And it had been such a perfect day 🙂 🙂 Breakfast first, I think!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Too many clothes perhaps?😀😀 The sun peering through light cloud here and unseasonably warmish 10 degrees! The kitchen refit continues here … mess and I are are not good friends! 😀


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