Jo’s Monday walk : Lagar da Mesquita

Better late than never?  It’s still Monday in my part of the world, in my ‘new’ home in the Algarve, and I’ve just about got time to share a short walk with you.  I’m going to be deliberately vague because this walk was about 8 weeks ago, an outing with the Striders, and I was too busy chatting and catching up with everybody to pay much attention to the route.  A common fault when I’m walking in a group.  Our start point was a little way inland from Tavira, at Lagar da Mesquita, on route PR1.

We followed country lanes and narrow tracks out of the village, with the promise that there wouldn’t be too many inclines.  Villas nestle among groves of olives and oranges, some with quirky touches, like the pair of legs protruding from a cement mixer.  One of them is serenaded by a profusion of pink flowers, while everywhere the vines have developed a beautiful rosy hue.

A crossroads is signed Desbarato but we carry on, beneath spreading holm oaks and over a carpet mulch of leaves and acorns.  I cannot take my eyes off an ancient cottage, tenderly wrapped around with the softest, creamy pink bougainvillea.  Petals litter the floor like a rag rug, the ornate metal door knob, set into marble, something of a mystery.

We loop back to the start, a little gentle exertion for the inevitable reward.  Short, but sweet, I hope you’ll agree.

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks that I’ve hardly had time to draw breath.  Yet here I find myself, living the dream.  I hope you’ll come along with me.  This is just the beginning.

Thanks to all of you who’ve waited patiently, and for your generous support.  If I’ve missed anybody out, do give me a nudge.  Meantime I’d love you to join me on Jo’s Monday walk. Please read and share the following walks.

walking logo

You’d best tackle Debbie’s walk when you’ve got plenty of stamina, but you’ll be encouraged by lots of smiling faces :

A steep climb accompanied by Buddha

Geoff and Dog take to those London streets again :

A Wander Across the Far North #capitalring #walking

Mondays are murals day with Cactus Catz.  I know you’ll enjoy these :

Monday Mural : Trashcan Mural, Downtown Tucson, Arizona

Mural : Joe Pagac’s Harboring  Beauty

Drake shares the warm colours of North Africa :

Not alike, but fascinating

And Jackie goes adventuring in Spain :

Cafe Solo

Wilderness as far as the eye can see, with indefatigable Cathy :

The Blue Mesa Trail at Petrified Forest National Park

The Painted Desert Rim Trail at Petrified Forest National Park

And Miriam is clearly on top of the world!

Walking in Wonderland

While Carol comes up with the most stunning views!

From the Sea to the Sky

Hidden Wonder

Life in a Sussex backwater ?  Many thanks to Mari :

Steyning – A Sussex Town

It’s so nice to be back!  In every sense.  I arrived ‘home’ to Tavira last night.  Today I met a lovely new neighbour, walked on my favourite beach and caught up with friends.  I hope your week is as good as mine promises to be.


    1. Life is a crazy mixture of walking and meeting friends, and the more mundane stuff of finding wardrobe space, Patti. (one of the rails collapsed this evening- I think another visit to the charity shop might be called for. I’ll start giving his clothes away first 🙂 )

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  1. Its okay to be short and sweet every once and awhile if it means catching up with good friends on a walk and focusing on priorities like RELOCATING homes and living the dream. Your gorgeous pictures still deliver making it a delight as always to walk by your side virtually. I’m sorry I’ve been absent as well. Too much time soaking in all the new awesome stuff South Africa has on offer, welcoming a plethora of visitors, waiting for weather windows and playing catch up when we manage to have internet coverage. Hugs


  2. Glad to see and read that you are settled in your new home now and I hope the future goes well. As usual, lovely images and magical prose helps me survive the rain and wind that we are having here at the moment. My back problems get worse and my walking is limited these days so being able to accompany you on your walks is a double benefit. One of these days can you tell us what camera you use and if you use extra lenses? I’ve had to give up my big camera and lenses as I can no longer carry the weight around but I’m never happy with my pictures these days. Maybe one in ten comes out as I want it to.


    1. I use a small Canon digital, Mari. No lenses or anything fancy. 😃 Just been on a little 2 day jaunt to Spain but very happy to be back on home turf. Sunshine unlimited right now xx


  3. Short but very sweet – I’m surprised you had time to sit down and put it into words Jo! That pale bougeanvilla is just beautiful. Off to read Mari’s post about Steyning now (I used to live very near to there!). Happy unpacking hon 😉


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