Six word Saturday

Riding the North Sea in style!

Click on the gallery to read the story of our adventure on the high seas.  A very special person had a significant birthday and we celebrated in style.  Our Tall Ship, ‘Wylde Swan’ from the Netherlands, was a beauty and the crew worked hard to give us a wonderful experience.  Even the weather cooperated, after a very grey start.  All was smooth sailing.

Is anybody counting?  Debbie keeps tally over at Six Word Saturday.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. A beautiful story in photos and captions. You sneakily managed to stick to the six words, yet telling the whole storyJo. 🙂 Happy birthday to the special birthday boy. It looks like you had an amazing adventure on the “Wilde zwaan”. Did you two help out with the sail handling as well?


  2. A superb birthday present … did your husband know anything about it beforehand? What was his expression when he found about the trip out? He looks so content in the photo and fits right in. I love the photos and so happy the weather improved. I’m just imagining the sound of the sails in the wind … heavenly! Wishing you a wonderful week, Jo! 😀⛵️ We saw some water at the weekend in the form of the calm marina in Lincoln … we hoped to do a river cruise but no time alas!


    1. He knew something was happening because he spotted the deduction on our bank account, but it didn’t refer to the Ships. He may have guessed but I don’t think so, and yes- he was chuffed! 🙂 🙂

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  3. Wonderful captures Jo. Especially loved the shot of blue skies from below the sails/-glorious!! Thank goodness you had a smooth sunny sail! Beautiful story and post. Birthday wishes to your husband!


  4. What a great birthday treat, I’m glad he (and you) enjoyed it. I like to see the Tall Ships, either in photos or for real, but no way would you ever get me on one 😦


  5. I bet he was over the moon, he looks chuffed to bits and I know you must have been really excited too! There’s boat rides and there’s boat rides but a tall ships is a BOAT RIDE 🙂 How can you top that for his next big one? x:-)x
    Oh and a belated Happy Birthday to Mick!


    1. He did enjoy it, though I’d had a doubt or two, Gilly. 🙂 🙂 My turn next! Should I start dropping hints now? It’ll never happen! 🙂 Thanks, darlin. Happy Sunday! Off out with the dogs? I think we’ll go up the coast for a while. It’s glorious this morning but set to change, I think.


      1. Drop hints and then book it yourself 🙂 do you have something in mind?

        I had Friday off, but it’s a cleaning carpet weekend so todays dog walk will be down to the river, but they love wherever they go. Nice here still, a little rain forecast tomorrow and temperature’s down to about 22 forecast this week. Have a lovely day darling xx


      2. Thanks, hon. 🙂 I’ve been promising myself the Azores for the longest time but November’s not the best time. Thinking maybe late May/June next year.


      3. I’ve looked at that before, Dartmoor with beach, lovely. But it’s difficult, I think the only direct flights are expensive or from Stanstead, which is a real pain! But for you next year a lot simpler?


    1. Fortunately it did seem to, Meg. I wasn’t sure if I was just treating myself, but he took great interest in the various aspects of handling a ship that size. It was a success, thanks, and a fabulous experience 🙂 🙂


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