Six word Saturday

Determined to finish what I started!

No, seriously!  I need to finish sharing my visit to Jerez.  The Cathedral is magnificent.  Originally a Collegiate Church, it wasn’t granted cathedral status until 1980, by the grace of Pope John Paul II, though the church itself dates back to the Christian conquest of Jerez, on 9th October, 1264.  Briefly the sky was blue, but I was eager to see inside.

Just inside the mighty portal, I was surprised to find a model of an industrious looking Jerez, and close by, not so surprisingly, an altar to John Paul.

There was a wealth of beauty wherever you looked, the cathedral extending theatrically in a sequence of rooms behind the main altar.

My only disappointment was climbing the tower.  I never can resist, but the spiral staircase led only to a grilled window, with a limited view.

Slightly more than my allotted Six Words, I agree, but I do hope Debbie finds this Joyful.  Wishing you all a blessed and happy Easter.  And, heaven’s above, Becky’s March Square is finally over!  Let’s eat cake!


    1. Not all but most of it, Andrew. Are you actually going to do it? Cathy is doing it this September and invited me to join her but I don’t want to commit to anything at present.

      1. Kim will leave work later this year so maybe next April/May. We plan to take our time, four weeks rather than two, maybe even six, don’t want it to be a slog, too many interesting places to see along the way (whichever route we choose). You and Mick are welcome to join us!

  1. A lovely church in Jerez. A wonderful display. Pity about the staircase climb but looks like there was plenty to see inside. And again you find time to stop for some sweet treats 🙂 Happy Easter and many more sweet treats for you this weekend 🙂 🙂

  2. Definitely joyful! It looks a wonderful city, and as Tish pointed out, those zero-calorie cakes are magnificent
    Have a good Easter weekend Jo – I hope you get a break from cleaning 🙂

  3. How on earth can you say finally?!! Good job there is lots of cake and an amazing collection of stunning photographs to distract me from that ‘finally’ 😉

    Have a wonderful Easter Jo, and hope the sun puts his hat on for you and Mick at least once this weekend xxx

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