Six word Saturday

Determined to finish what I started!

No, seriously!  I need to finish sharing my visit to Jerez.  The Cathedral is magnificent.  Originally a Collegiate Church, it wasn’t granted cathedral status until 1980, by the grace of Pope John Paul II, though the church itself dates back to the Christian conquest of Jerez, on 9th October, 1264.  Briefly the sky was blue, but I was eager to see inside.

Just inside the mighty portal, I was surprised to find a model of an industrious looking Jerez, and close by, not so surprisingly, an altar to John Paul.

There was a wealth of beauty wherever you looked, the cathedral extending theatrically in a sequence of rooms behind the main altar.

My only disappointment was climbing the tower.  I never can resist, but the spiral staircase led only to a grilled window, with a limited view.

Slightly more than my allotted Six Words, I agree, but I do hope Debbie finds this Joyful.  Wishing you all a blessed and happy Easter.  And, heaven’s above, Becky’s March Square is finally over!  Let’s eat cake!


  1. Gorgeous cathedral, Jo, and your photos give a great view of all the ornate beauty inside and out. I love that you climbed the tower steps, because that is so you, but sorry to hear it was a disappointing find. And I laughed out loud at your joke at the beginning. Many thanks for an Easter morning smile, my friend — and Happy Easter.

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  2. I had some Spanish friends to dinner last night who insisted on drinking sherry with dinner and we managed to polish off a bottle of La Ina between 4 or us plus a couple of glasses of wine. In my own defence I will say that I didn’t indulge too much as I was cooking and hosting so I couldn’t totally relax. Loved your Jerez place. I never managed to visit the cathedral, I think I was all churched out by the time I got there on the occasions I visited, but our photographs show me what I mssed.

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    1. I have one last treat tomorrow, Mari, and then I’m done with Jerez. 🙂 🙂 As I remarked to someone earlier, I have a lovely bottle of Pedro Ximenez awaiting me for my return to the Algarve. Couldn’t bring it back in hand luggage. 🙂

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  3. It’s magnificent Jo, I wonder why it wasn’t given cathedral status before that. Pope John Paul always seemed like a wise, benign person, as the painting shows. I love the Madonna surrounded in purple and the sweet models of ordinary people. Jerez was well worth the visit wasn’t it? Spain has grown on me 🙂

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    1. Something to do with starting life as a Collegiate Church, Gilly. It was added on to substantially in later years. The link gives more details. I’ve just been finishing off my walk tomorrow, the Alcazar, which concludes our trip. I find it fascinating how very different the 2 side by side countries are. 🙂 Hugs, darlin! Off to put the slow cooker on.

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  4. I haven’t been to Spain Jo but am always amazed when I see travel shows about the architecture – the decorations are so ornate and theatrical this cathedral looks stunning!


  5. Glad you did finish, because this church looks lovely. Cake sounds good to me. I’ve been sampling the left overs of Mr ET’s birthday cake, made early because our daughter and fiancé have been visiting. I suppose I will have to make another one for next weekend. 🙂


  6. Oh wow I’m so surprised such a magnificent building hadn’t been consecrated as a cathedral when it was built. I would stand in awe in such a beautiful place Jo thank you for sharing it with us and of course you have to finish those cakes that I’m sure you started…


    1. It is an odd sort of story, Pauline. The details are in the link – it would have been stretching it, even by my standards, for 6 words. 🙂 🙂 I did have the custardy one but, truthfully, Mick eats far more cake than me. A peaceful Easter Sunday for you?

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