Six word Saturday

An interesting ‘Traces of the Past’?

Rather special to find the photographic studio of a former war correspondent in Angola on Tavira’s Rua da Liberdade.  Luis Andrade studied film making and photography, as well as journalism, and you can find 4 generations of photography in the tiny museum above the shop.  Read all about the family business here.  The museum is a photographic history of Tavira and I found it fascinating.

I also thought it might appeal to Paula, even though her Traces of the Past is intended to be in full colour this week.  Tavira under snow is a rare sight.  Talking of snow, I’m keeping my fingers crossed this weekend.  We’ve had hailstones this morning.  Enough of Siberia!

Bring on Spring, and share your six words with Debbie!  Happy weekend!


  1. I find old black and white photos so nostalgic, They seem to tell us of a time long gone when the world was a slower place. What a great little museum to browse around Jo. Keep the hot water topped up in that bath and lots of bubbles, bath salts and softly glowing candles and of course a glass of wine on the side… I haven’t had a bath since I don’t know when….


    1. Little time bubbles. I was just thinking of the heap I have of Dad and wondering if I could do something with them. (find me a painter and a street corner somewhere in Poland 🙂 )
      That’s something I miss in Portugal. It seems wasteful to run a bath and takes so long. 🙂

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    1. For the first time in days we have blue sky here in the UK, Debbie. That is such a mood lifter, even though it’s biting cold. I have been missing my Algarve blues so much! 🙂 🙂 It’s good to have your company.

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  2. Huh, Jo stop showing off, I’m the illiterate one!
    So have you only just found this museum and studio? What a fascinating place. Is snow pic in the Rua beneath the castle wall, and is it narrower now?


    1. Showing off? 😦 It was featured in the East Algarve Magazine, which I always pick up when I’m over there. It’s not really advertised and you can easily walk past it (near to the post office). Don’t think it’s been open long. Not sure of the aspect for the snow pic. Think it may be up past the pousada. 🙂 🙂


  3. Such a treasure trove of images, Jo. I have a yen for old photos, and especially when there are family connections. We’re all slushed up in Wenlock this morning. The Young Farmers have been out on their mission of mercy – yet again ! and cleared the pavements. They are stars, How’re things up north (thinking you’re out of the bath by now) ?


    1. Could have spent ages there, Tish (no, not the bath! 🙂 ) There were drawers full of memories. Mick was finishing a job in Chester-le-Street this morning so I went for a snowy romp by the river. Poor swans and cygnets!

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  4. That was fun, Jo. I do love history. We don’t have snow, but we did get some freezing rain during the night, which I never need. Hopefully all plants that have ventured to grow already will survive and so will all the drivers and walkers!



    1. I’m looking out warily, hoping it stays dry for long enough for me to get to zumba, to work off last night’s excesses, Meg. 🙂 🙂 Then it’ll be a cosy afternoon at home.


      1. You seem to be owning to a lot of excesses lately! Can I share? My companion in weekend excess has asked for a solitary weekend to settle in new teeth. And Warsaw’s busy writing a paper for a course. I’m oddly at a loss. A bit of excess with you is just what I need. Share???


      2. Just finished Henry James “The wings of the dove.” That’ll keep you out of mischief and pondering syntax. But seriously? Have you read John Berendt “The city of falling angels” about Venice? A wonderful read – and what put me on to Mar James for nearly the first time since I spent a year with him in 1960 something, writing my thesis. You’ve probably read it long since. Snow still??? Warm hugs with a sea breeze.


      3. Nope. I’m full of well meaning but terribly illiterate. I’ll hunt it down soon. Ice! But I’m in the bath so it doesn’t matter. Sending bubbles xx


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