Six word Saturday

An interesting ‘Traces of the Past’?

Rather special to find the photographic studio of a former war correspondent in Angola on Tavira’s Rua da Liberdade.  Luis Andrade studied film making and photography, as well as journalism, and you can find 4 generations of photography in the tiny museum above the shop.  Read all about the family business here.  The museum is a photographic history of Tavira and I found it fascinating.

I also thought it might appeal to Paula, even though her Traces of the Past is intended to be in full colour this week.  Tavira under snow is a rare sight.  Talking of snow, I’m keeping my fingers crossed this weekend.  We’ve had hailstones this morning.  Enough of Siberia!

Bring on Spring, and share your six words with Debbie!  Happy weekend!


  1. It appeals to me big time 😀 What a terrific and special find, Jo, just right for my challenge. Thank you so much. Sending warm hugs xx

    1. Hiya darlin 🙂 🙂 I presume life is just as hectic as ever, but it must help a little restricting your appearances. That way you still get the fun of playing with your photos and setting the challenges. Hugs right back at you 🙂

  2. Jo, what a find of a museum! The photos here are wonderfully atmospheric and this is a place I where could spend hours , perusing the images, imagining the stories.

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