Jo’s Monday walk : Blossom and chimney pots

Feeling a little fragile as I write this- too much dancing, wine and excitement!- so please excuse me if I just stroll gently with you in the Algarve sunshine.  São Bras de Alportel makes an excellent base for walking, surrounded as it is by softly rolling countryside.  Allow me to indulge my current obsession with chimney pots…. and blossom, of course.

Starting from the former pousada, with grand views to the hills, you can follow a couple of simple trails.  Notice boards will advise what you need to be watchful for, or you can simply enjoy being there, drenched in the soft colours of Spring.

At a crossroads the sign points towards the ‘miradouro das castanhas’, the viewing point of the chestnuts.  Curiosity would have me look, but the group I’m walking with turn in the other direction.  I make a mental note to return, and patiently follow.  Minutes later we pause at a fonte- one of many underground springs in the Algarve.  A poem enhances the old stone and one of our group attempts a translation.  A squeal of laughter interrupts.  Another of the ladies has twirled the handle of the ‘nora’ (well) with a little too much energy, and is treated to a swift gush of water.

There was very little water and a lot of dry riverbeds when I walked in this area, but since then a day or three of torrential rain has brought the countryside alive again.  Flipflops or sandals and a towel may be needed.  Better still a sense of balance or a walking stick.

Rounding a hill it’s often possible to come upon a herd of sheep, with their faint air of apprehension and surprise.  Washing flutters appealingly on a line, while lemons ripen and flowers I don’t recognise make patterns on a wall.

This is cork territory and some of the trails lead beneath these gnarled beauties.  Someone has a sense of humour, but I’m not sure that I approve.  The ‘knight’, on the other hand, can only be greeted with a smile.  But I did promise you chimney pots, I remember.

Every village has it’s own variations, some crumbly with age, some new.  The village of São Romão has a lovely church and a deep sense of serenity.

It also has a a restaurant that we favour very often.  I’ll leave you with a little something sour and a sweet treat, to enjoy with your cuppa.

Excuse me for rambling this week.  I’m so looking forward to the frigid air of the north east tomorrow evening.  Please read and share the following walks, and join me with one of your own, if you’d like.  Details are on my Jo’s Monday walk page.

Jude does take us to some beautiful places!  And did you spot a few circles in a square?

Garden Portrait: Stourhead

And quite often, Drake excels himself too :

Symph in green ‘n white

For those of you craving warmth, why not join Elaine in the desert?

In Search of an Oasis

Jackie always likes a large one of these!

Slice of Life

And just look what Irene’s found for us this week!

Sunny Lakefront

But this one from Ting simply has to be my walk of the week.  Don’t miss it!

Walking with Elephants

That’s it for now.  Not too many to read.  Hope you have a great week, wherever you are.


  1. I can see why you love these chimney pots. I love the whitewash against the blue sky. And delicious blossom! Ours is just starting to burst; it is lovely having your blog to remind me of what’s to come.


    1. Most of it has blown away, Denzil. It was an amazing winter until a week or two ago. The cold snap that hit Europe filtered south bringing heavy rains. Much needed! At last the rivers have some water in them. 🙂 🙂


  2. How lovely with spring …. wonderful, there is hope for us up here too. Today we have sunshine, but it’s like walking on ice outside – but I will make my way to the post collecting point. Stunningly beautiful images .. and nobody can tell a story like you!!!!! It’s like walking with you. Thanks for bringing me along. My favorite image has to be the sheep. Wonderful images, Jo!!!


  3. I’m wondering if you weren’t being a little sarcastic about missing the cold north. 😉 The cork trees. The cake. Those glorious blossoms. What a splendid day. A much needed reminder that the warmer days are on the way.


  4. Really has been a wonderful year for the Almond Blossom hasn’t it – best year we have seen we think. I wonder if the lack of water over the past 7 months has anything to do with that?

    Pretty walk this one Jo, so sorry we never got to meet up again this trip. Guess now it will be the Autumn as don’t think you are nipping back before we leave? Hope the English weather is not too much of a shock this morning xx


    1. When are you home again, Becky? 🙂 Yes, amazing blossoms this year, though much has been washed away in the storms. The reservoirs are looking better though. Someone told me all that excavation work at Barril has been swept back into the sea and some of the anchors displaced. Ma Nature rules! Milder than I thought here and thank goodness snow’s gone. Nice sunrise but it’s gone again. Ah well! Good while it lasted. Enjoy your stay! 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 12th April – which isn’t long 😦

        Yes check out my facebook page – there’s a picture of all the anchors with hardly any sand around them. Apparently there might be another storm tomorrow – hope not!!!

        Glad it is not as cold as you expected, have fun at Zumba this morning xx


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