Six word Saturday

Hot stuff, to keep you warm!

I’ve never been closer to the action and the evening was all a bit of a blur.  I’m sorry that my photos can’t do it better justice but I hope that they convey a little of the heat and passion in Jerez during the Flamenco Festival.  What a show!

Debbie’s sheep has lots of hair to keep it warm.  Join her with Six Words to sum up your week?


  1. This is a story being told … love the blurry images too. Very dramatic images. Personally, I can’t handle flamenco – even if the music and the dance are supposed to tell stories. Saturday hug.

      1. You have a good man …. I maybe would stand it for 15 min or so. Just can’t take it … same with Fado. For me just loads of howling and banging on a guitar. *smile

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