Six word Saturday

A hangover from the old year

Scarcely were my feet back on English soil, last November, than I was scampering up to Durham to see Lumiere 2017.  The consensus was that, in comparison with previous shows, this one was a bit of a disappointment.  It’s hard to maintain such standards as were set in November 2015.

I’ve been so busy sharing my Algarve exploits that I’d almost forgotten about the show.  I thought it time to show you a few of my highlights, before I move on.  As usual I started my tour in daylight, curious as to what I’d find. Below we have ‘Dome and Arches’ in the Market Place.

One of my favourite light installations took place in Durham University Botanic Garden.  ‘For the Birds’ was very clever and wonderfully atmospheric, but extremely difficult to reproduce in photographs.  Softly tweeting birds, suspended on fine wires, swooped through the trees in the darkness.  Patches of dramatic colour illuminated the valley, leading you on a magical journey.

Castle and Cathedral next.  ‘Our Moon’ smiles, blinks, twitches and frowns as the faces of Durham’s residents animate the facade of the Castle.  The Cathedral complex came in for a lot of criticism.  The Nave of the Cathedral was flooded in an eerie light, while the cloisters featured ‘Entre Les Rangs’, illuminated ‘flowers’ intended as a tribute to shimmering fields of wheat.

In all there were 28 installations, scattered throughout the city.  My opening photos were taken inside St. Oswald’s Church and were probably my greatest challenge.  ‘What Matters’ features thousands of hand-blown glass pieces, depicting the birth of light in the universe.  Incredibly beautiful.

I hope any hangovers are long gone. and that you enjoyed this look back with me.  Don’t forget to share your Six Words with Debbie.


  1. I love the title with these six words, Jo. What a plethora of lights. I’d love to look at all these installations. The dome and arches one is mind-blowing and my favorite!


  2. Spectacular light shots. I need lessons – and lights! Not many in Potato Point. Disappointment is only for those who experienced the high point of 2015: no chance of disappointment looking at these without invidious comparisons. The lights I. The nave are especially wonderful. How’s the year chugging along? Today’s a day of rest for me – and organising repairs for camera, solar hot water and leaning tree. The mob are off for a bit of bush camping. Fatigued hugs!


  3. Ahh I love the wheat fields and What Matters, I’m glad you remembered to post these, you probably won’t see it this year! Hope your plans are going well darling 🙂


    1. The show is every second year, Gilly, and I kind of did think, ‘well, I’ll not see it again’ but who knows. 🙂 🙂 I will respond to your email in the next day or two. Need to get my walk sorted today 🙂 Thanks, darlin!


    1. 2015 had some amazing 3D effects (a whale splashing into the river) which were missing this time, Alison, but you always have to try something different. I still loved the show. 🙂 🙂 Happy New Year!

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