Six word Saturday

Another Saturday ballroom blitz of beauty!

That first photo has a special significance for me.  It brings back memories of ‘home’ and my mother’s garden.  Mam loved her roses and took great pride in her ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Picadilly’. They were planted in squares between concrete slabs.  Not the most elegant of arrangements, but husband Joe was a ‘veg’ man.  The bulk of the garden was given over to his onions and king size cabbages, and a small greenhouse that produced more than its share of tomatoes.  One concession Joe did make was to chrysanthemums and dahlias.  I don’t know why they appealed so much.  I haven’t seen a plum and white ‘pom-pom’ dahlia like this one for the longest time! And then those rain-ravaged ones.

My friend Sue has a bit of a penchant for roses of the tattered and torn variety, so I’ve been keeping an eye on these on my hearth.  They’re not quite dejected enough for Sue yet!  The wild ones are lovely too, aren’t they?

That’s my Seven for this week.  Eek- 9 more to go till the end of September!  Blame Becky for starting us off with Square in September.  I’m sure she won’t mind this week’s ‘rebel’.  The Boston Ivy climbing my wall is telling me Autumn’s well on it’s way.

Happy Saturday to you all!  Don’t forget to pop along and share six words with Debbie.


  1. Dahlias are so wonderfully vibrant and bold, calling out to be noticed and admired – I was touched to read about your mother’s collection and glad she managed to secure space for hers…funny how flowers can hold such a strong and lasting memory. Hope you’re writing about the Open Garden event soon and sharing them with us! 😀❤️

      1. Can’t wait!! There are a couple in the village who grow the most beautiful dahlias and show them off to such effect in their front garden – if I go for a walk I make sure to pass their way for a look. I gave up on growing them when they kept getting attacked by my son’s football…now he’s older I might well give them a go again!

  2. Gorgeous flowers/images, Jo! My mother also loved roses. (Her middle name was also Rose.) You brought back memories of her gardens. Have a lovely week, Jo.

    1. Hi Aletta 🙂 🙂 It’s nearly always possible to find a few beauties, but sometimes you have to look harder than others. Hope life’s treating you well?

  3. Isn’t it wonderful when our memories are triggered by beautiful things. I smiled at your description Jo as it warmed my heart. Lovely captures. We are already having frost and the flowers have all drooped with shivering disappointment.

      1. We are in Dublin for a couple nights, then NewCastle West for a week doing day trips and four nights in Killarney. Would have loved it to be longer by twill have to return to do the North another time.

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