Still waters

Run deep, don’t they say?  Last Thursday I had you standing by the lock gates, in Hartlepool marina.  I was playing along with Paula, which I like to do.  By one of those strange serendipities of life, three days later found me back at the harbourside.  As you can see, it was an altogether different sort of day.  I sauntered around the marina, camera doing all the work.

As I approached the lock gates the alarm began to sound.  One gate was closing and the outer gate opening, to admit incoming vessels.  It’s always a captivating sight to me, and I walked out to a good vantage point.  As I watched, a procession of boats lined up before me.

Isn’t the sky a magnificent canvas?  As the boats passed beneath me, I could almost reach down and ‘high five’ them.  Well, almost!

How do you decide what to post next?  Are you driven by the numerous challenges?  I try not to be.  I would far rather post what’s in my heart.  All the better if it’s something uplifting.  There are plenty of sad days, aren’t there?  I’m not joining Thursday’s Special this week, but it still is.


  1. That sky is an amazing colour and I love watching little boats as well. On a nice summer evening at Exmouth I often watch a long procession of tiny white boats sail out from Starcross, it’s a couple miles away across the estuary so I never manage a photo. Happy Saturday hugs honey 🙂


  2. I love the word ‘serendipity” Jo and this post really sums it up! I have a vague idea of what I’m to write but sometimes change my ideas on the spur of the moment! Beautiful harbour photos 🙂


  3. Happy to see you again Jo and your beautiful photographs. This was special and gave me a smile ~ I had to step away from the pressure of posting for a bit and I can sure appreciate where you are coming from.


  4. It was the sky that caught my eye when you popped up in my inbox – beautiful. And what a fabulous few moments to watch all the yachts come in, btw isn’t yacht a weird spelling as is weird thinking about it!!!!


  5. What beautiful blue canvas! How does one keep up with all your adventuring Jo. Like a hummingbird with camera in hand.
    What do I post? Well basically it’s the latest adventure but I’m a bit all over the place. Sometimes when folks ask me for advice about a place it prompts me to put a post together. Starting tomorrow we have a special guest writer starting a monthly post. My Mom! Xo


    1. Hecky thump! That sounds exciting! Travels with my daughter? 🙂 🙂 I try to stick to some sort of sequence and a logical ‘flow’ with mine, Sue, but then I’ll get all overenthusiastic about something, and I just have to post it.

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      1. I have really enjoyed the posts you have done when you have been with your daughter. I think readers love feeling a connection with a person and their lives, not just a website. At least that has been our experience. Have a great day. Xo

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  6. Well, you caught me with the photo of water and a beautiful sky! I grew up on Lake Michigan in America, so any photos with water… makes me HAPPY!

    I write what inspires me, so I don’t look at the challenges. I feel that challenges are following the herd and takes away from my own creativity. Feels like being in school again. Somehow, I can always find something to be inspired about.

    Your posts are just that – interersting, beautiful and up lifting! YOU always seem to have something exciting to share. THANKS Restless Jo!


  7. How in your element you were there and what wonderful colours, and serenity. I’m with you about challenges, mostly. The only one I rise to religiously is 5 minutes with … pleasantly watery hugs on a perfect-looking Friday.


      1. Marcin is sporting 6 large stitches in a slice the length of his arm, which he got “out riding with the kids.” J had a monster tooth out, so it’ll be a weekend of soup. H looked down to see a poisonous snake walking across his foot. Otherwise the family’s fine! Jet lag after Texas had them up at 2 am for a 3-course meal and Jaś said “Now let’s go and beat the carpets.” You did ask!


      2. I’m often minded to beat carpets too! 🙂 🙂 Actually that stirs a childhood memory of having one draped over the washing line for just that purpose. This strange life!


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