Six word Saturday

As transient as a reflected image

I hate goodbyes.  The weekend in Nottingham with my daughter came and went all too swiftly. Transient, you might say.  As she returned to work, I took one last disconsolate stroll by the canal.

Share your six words this Saturday?  Debbie will be pleased to see you.  Or you might want to try the Weekly Photo Challenge. There’s still time.


  1. I hate goodbyes as well Jo – having moved to the other side of the world I can’t complain when I have to deal with them! It’s always so exciting anticipating a visit and then at some point the build up to the departure happens. Airports are the worst (apart from arrivals!). Anyway looks like you had a lovely time in Nottingham and I love this set of photos! Take care xx


    1. It was such a lovely weekend, Rosemay, and I even managed to have Lisa and James together for a while on Sunday teatime. That hasn’t happened since Dad’s funeral last October. Such a treat! 🙂 🙂


  2. I’ve never been to Nottingham…but I’d like it because it reminds me of Amsterdam…canals and barges and old stuff that isn’t so transient


      1. Not nearly enough playing. Your canal photo reflects my mood perfectly. Think I need to take another walk out in the woods to recharge and regroup. Hope you have a great week Jo!


  3. You are making me want to quit my job, pack my bags and get busy seeing all the wonderful places you share with us! I will keep working and saving my pennies, though, until the time is just right. Your posts always inspire me to keep chasing my dream of travelling the world. Thank you! Hope your visit with your daughter was wonderful! Have a great week, Jo!


  4. Your sadness at leaving your daughter continues palpable: it’s not transient is it? “As transient as reflections” is a perfect simile, and these are lovely photos of reflections that are beautiful, but won’t be there tomorrow – a perfect image of your sadness. Comforting hugs, sadly from the wrong person.


    1. Tomorrow’s post will be back to the sunny side of life. 🙂 🙂 Exhausted tonight after a day of cleaning and lugging furniture around in Leeds. You are never the wrong person, with your hugs. 🙂


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