Vision of loveliness

Where better to have a vision than in a church?  But this is no ordinary church.  The Pitcher and Piano in Nottingham is a deconsecrated Unitarian church, saved from dereliction in a rather spectacular fashion.

Meeting me from my bus journey on a balmy afternoon, my daughter proposed a refreshing drink.  To me, she was a vision of loveliness.  You could say that for our surroundings too.

Last week I was too excited at meeting my daughter to settle to a Thursday’s Special.  This week I’m home again, and able to share some of the magic.  The little girl in Paula’s Vision is beautiful too.


  1. Lovely to see your gorgeous daughter Jo. I think these repurposed churches are fabulous. In Aberdeen we had a some fabulous good and refreshments in one. Your stained glass photos are superb.

  2. Beautiful stained glass windows, it is a gorgeous church. How lovely to meet up with your daughter for a refreshing drink and no doubt a good natter. She is ideed lovely…just like her mum.

  3. They’ve done a great job on pub. For the first time I see the resemblance, you and your Titian lass are both visions of loveliness. Soon-be-the-weekend hugs darling!

    1. She’s so like my Mam, Gilly, and I struggle to see me in her at all. But she’s beautiful, and she’s loved. Thank you for your kindness. 🙂 🙂

      1. absolutely! i’ve seen beautiful churches that are now simply for concerts and shows. sad but in a way good that it is being used for good purpose. keep your lovely photos coming, Jo! thanks for sharing 🙂 🙂

  4. Lovely windows and an interesting name for a café / pub? What a fab place for a catch-up with your precious daughter. Great use for the pianos though I suspect any pianist looking at this will be cringing! Back to cooler climes here today, but no thunder storms arrived, just cloudy and a few spits.

    1. They are actually a chain, Jude, and this one is quite close to Lisa’s place of work. They have a newsletter with free drinks vouchers, which is another reason to like it. We have less exciting ones at Durham and on the Quayside at Newcastle so I need to check that out. The pianos are a bit sad, aren’t they, but I suppose it’s recycling after a fashion. (I did think about linking to Lingering for the windows too 🙂 ) Heavy grey here.

    1. You have a choice of two! 🙂 🙂 The first is pale green, by the front door. The battered cream one is on the patio at the back. Great, isn’t it? And, thanks!

  5. Gardening in a grand piano, now there’s food for thought 🙂 Great shots all round, Jo. Whoever thought they could ‘adaptively re-use’ this church in such a way certainly had vision.

  6. Oh yes, a real beauty, both church and daughter. I like the contrast between her and the old traditional church! And nice to see the building kept as part of the community, albeit in a very different manner to what its creators intended

    1. I must have walked past it before and never realised, Debs. I knew of it but not exactly where. Lisa thought she’d taken me there before because it’s almost her ‘local’ from her office. Nice! 🙂 🙂 Thanks, darlin!

  7. What a wonderful church and your photographs of the stained glass windows are inspired! 😀 I’ve taken so many over the years in various churches and cathedrals and whilst some are good a lot end up with black around the edges or elongated! Yours are all so striking, crisp clear and immediate. Also so lovely to see your daughter. 😀 I hope your friends and property in Portugal are safe, Jo. They are having a dreadful time with the forest fires, a horrific natural disaster.

    1. Thanks for the kind thought, Annika. The fires in Portugal are a long way north of us but horrific, I agree. They are blaming the highly combustible eucalyptus trees but the whole area is like a tinder box.
      Lisa was chided for not having taken me to the Pitcher and Piano before! 🙂 I knew of its existence but this was the first time we’d been there.

      1. It is a magical setting for a cafe…I can see this will be a regular stop when you visit! I meant to comment on the piano – very inventive but I can imagine my pianist son shuddering at the latest planter! 😀

    1. Hiya, Meg! I’m still tinkering with it- can’t decide whether the battered piano is appropriate so I’ve taken it out. It really is beautifully done, the restoration. Glad you approve. 🙂 🙂 Ecclesiastical hugs!

      1. Sorry about both laptop (or do you mean just switched off?) and moodiness. Connected? Or just one of those times? Warm hugs, unless you need cool ones.

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