Six word Saturday

Putting on a show, at Harrogate

All my old favourites, and some new folks too, all in impeccable condition.  That’s what I expect of a flower show, and Harrogate delivered.

And more than that, a fashion show.  The floral art had a sewing theme.  Simply stunning, don’t you think?

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There was so much more, but that’s quite enough for a Six Word Saturday.  I think it might do to celebrate Earth Day too.  Have a beautiful weekend, and look after your patch of earth!


  1. Wow!! 😀😀Jo, these are amazing photos and I’ve never seen flowers displayed so wonderfully and creatively before. What a joy to behold…the sewing ones are fabulously inventive. Thank you so much for sharing.


  2. I started scrolling through these pictures and was saying ‘Wow” and then “oh wow!” and then “wow! wow! wow!” and hubby walked in and asked me what was wrong! haaaa – these are gorgeous, Jo!


  3. Gorgeous photos Jo and I love the sewing theme! Pity I’ll miss this – will be up in Yorkshire on May Day (just hope the trains are running from the West Country where I’m coming from!). Apparently I went to the Harrogate Flower Show as a small new born (am a March birthday) but I have no recollection of that though people kept stopping to peer in the pram (from what I’ve been told!). The flowers are simply stunning! 🙂


  4. Triple wow! These are gorgeous photographs Jo, the show looks incredible. Very envious of you having this ‘almost’ on your doorstep. Hope you are having a lovely weekend x


    1. Thanks, darlin! 🙂 The show was on over 4 days. We would have preferred to go on the Thursday, which turned out to be a lovely day, but it didn’t fit with seeing James and his lady. Friday was cool and windy but the pavilions and the floral art were stunning. Then into Leeds for a Thai 🙂 🙂

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  5. How delightful. Love the tulips and the poppy and the clematis. I have to keep driving past the nurseries around here as I am tempted to go on a buying spree this year, but I must wait until after our holiday! The floral fashion was gorgeous – some people are so talented. I saw something like this at I think, the Chelsea flower show a couple of years back (on TV). How crowded was it then? That’s the one thing that puts me off Chelsea and Hampton Court. My daughter suggested we go to the latter, maybe I will take her up on the idea.


    1. Not long to wait then, Jude 🙂 Yes, the floral art bowled me over too. I’m no fan of crowds but you can’t put on a show and have nobody turn up. You just have to try and go against the flow and if you see a space move into it. We went to Hampton Court for Mick’s 50th and it’s a wonderful setting for a show. Things have got a lot more glitzy and big time since then. The Harrogate show was better and more atmospheric when it was in Valley Gardens but they just couldn’t accommodate the crowds any longer and the town ground to a halt. It’s all about selling isn’t it? I’d still love to do Chelsea one day.


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