Six word Saturday

How do you feel about steps?

Of course, it does rather depend what you’re climbing to see?  The views of Florence are magnificent, but I have good news for you.  The number 13 bus will take you up to Piazzale Michelangelo.  So, no need to worry for your September visit, Gilly.  I think you’ll love it!

Should you be really ambitious (or foolhardy!) there are more steps on offer, to take you up to San Miniato al Monte.

He looks like Mafia but I think he was a good guy!

I had hoped to time my arrival for evensong and the attendant Gregorian chant, but my plans were a little awry that day.  The beautiful and unexpected cemetery was some compensation, and the church had a wonderful aura.

The way back down was more gentle, through lush greenery, and lead me past the tower of Porta San Niccolo, originally part of the city walls.

Those doors look intriguing, don’t you think?

I apologise if you’re bored with my current obsession with Firenze, but I’m afraid there’s much more to come.  I haven’t even touched on the Uffizi or Palazzo Vecchio yet.  Can you guess where our Monday walk takes us?

Have a great weekend, won’t you, and hopefully join Cate with your six words?


      1. Well yes and no……there’s be a rather large health hiccup for my husband….but thankfully all resolving. It adds complexity to what was an already quite complex transition!! Thanks for asking Xx

  1. How could one possibly tire of reading & viewing about Florence. With such beauty in every direction, one always has the option to rest awhile on the steps😉

  2. I’m humming “Thanks for the memory” as I read your post and view your images. My picture of Piazzale Michaelangelo has a lovely white cat sitting on the top step in sole charge of the view over Florence. S(he) refused to budge so I took her picture, maybe that’s what she wanted,

    1. You are! 🙂 🙂 Did you follow the link to Porta San Niccolo? It shows yet another aspect of the tower. I read somewhere that it’s a museum that opens infrequently. I’d love to get inside. Thanks, Gabe!

      1. I love that about Italy (and Spain) don’t you? There is far less pressure to maintain set business hours. 9-5 can become 1-3 on Thursday, just as easily as Saturday can be a 15 hr day. It speaks to a preference for quality of life over productivity that I love visiting.

      2. Yes 🙂 There was a lovely relaxed ambience in most of the restaurants too- despite being busy. Years of practise. I get frantic in the kitchen just feeding a couple of us.

  3. I believe steps are not good for our physical health, but also for our mental one. We should always climb up to see the most beautiful….
    Stunning gallery of your pictures, dear Jo! Happy weekend!

  4. Definitely depends on what’s at the top. Added bonus if you have an alternative route down. I’ll take Florentine steps any day. (The ones on our waterfront that I had to run up 6 times as part of a fitness torture…er…routine, not so much.)

  5. With your awesome shots , i’m revising my last trip to Florence….
    You make me wish to go back there as soon as possible, (before May) for summer is quite hot there!
    Splendid post , Jo!

      1. I had to map up my own trip to Ferrara , which will take me a week or so, (March,16 /march24) before asking for your future plans in Italy…..
        I don’t know if you are travelling alone and how long you will remain in Florence…
        IT WOULD BE AN INMENSE PLEASURE to meet you in Milan , though , unluckily , in my small flat there isn’t any guest -room…..
        But I could search for some BB next to my home …. PLEASE LET ME KNOW…..
        Looking forward to hearing from you…..,

    1. Anna, I feel so guilty! I was teasing a little. Much as I would love to come to your lovely city, I was only in Florence for 3 days and am back in the UK, sadly with no plans to return to Italy. I have loved your country all of my life, but since we bought a home in Portugal spare time is usually spent there. Just occasionally I get to wander a little farther, and Florence was the fulfilment of a dream. So sorry to have misled you. If ever I should get to return I will assuredly come knocking on your door to say hello. Thank you for your kindness and wonderful support for my blog. 🙂 🙂

  6. I love steps! There’s always promise of views (and even if the views are disappointing) I know it has worn off a few cake calories!
    Great shots here Jo – I really enjoyed those views with you.
    Happy laundry day!

  7. I am certainly not bored at all, Jo. I feel like I am taking a lovely, leisurely tour of Firenze each week with you 🙂 What a lovely view up at Piazzale Michelangelo, lovely blue sky day too. If I had time, I’d go for steps but usually if I’m traveling, the fastest route that is within my budget would be my choice. Must always remember to have some $$$ for food and drink 😉

  8. How could anyone be bored with Firenze? Just wish I didn’t have to wait to visit. Your photos will have to keep me satisfied for now.

    1. It’s well worth waiting for, Emilio! I daren’t tell you how many years it’s taken me but it was a long time. Loved it to bits 🙂 Thanks for your company.

  9. I’m certainly not bored and can’t wait for more ☺
    And I’d certainly been in the foolhardy category and have kept going – not sure about MrB!

  10. Lovely picture of Florence from the top. I remember that walk, strenuous going up but much easier on the way down. Were there many people up there? I remember lots of coach parties and tourist tat stalls!

    1. Fairly laid back, Andrew. I think there was a coach or two but people ebbed and flowed so it didn’t feel hassled. The joys of taking a chance on February weather. It mostly did work 🙂 🙂 Happy Saturday!

      1. Not so exotic! Zumba then sorting the youngsters washing/packing to get him back down to Leeds. Lazy day tomorrow. 🙂 Thought of you last Sunday. We were at Burton Agnes and only a stone’s throw away from Beverley. Miserable weather (then and now) so it’ll be good for museums. Spring was nice! 2 whole days 🙂

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