Six word Saturday

How do you feel about steps?

Of course, it does rather depend what you’re climbing to see?  The views of Florence are magnificent, but I have good news for you.  The number 13 bus will take you up to Piazzale Michelangelo.  So, no need to worry for your September visit, Gilly.  I think you’ll love it!

Should you be really ambitious (or foolhardy!) there are more steps on offer, to take you up to San Miniato al Monte.

He looks like Mafia but I think he was a good guy!

I had hoped to time my arrival for evensong and the attendant Gregorian chant, but my plans were a little awry that day.  The beautiful and unexpected cemetery was some compensation, and the church had a wonderful aura.

The way back down was more gentle, through lush greenery, and lead me past the tower of Porta San Niccolo, originally part of the city walls.

Those doors look intriguing, don’t you think?

I apologise if you’re bored with my current obsession with Firenze, but I’m afraid there’s much more to come.  I haven’t even touched on the Uffizi or Palazzo Vecchio yet.  Can you guess where our Monday walk takes us?

Have a great weekend, won’t you, and hopefully join Cate with your six words?


  1. Just beautiful … just the magical Jo-way and that sky is …. Happy that you were so lucky with the weather. End of March next year .. it will be my turn.


      1. Of course I will love Florence … no doubt what so ever. Yes, we click with the same places … but I think it’s very easy to click with Florence … I didn’t click with Rome .. and Paris as you know.

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  2. Ah Jo. Firenze my favourite city in the whole wide wonderful world. I spent some time there in a little apartment far from the madding crowd of tourists and bored everyone senseless with my daily blogs. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and yes, feelings about Firenze.


  3. Great series of posts on Florence Jo, they made me want to return there! I think I’ll hike those steps this time, instead of renting a car. Mad mad mad Tuscan drivers 🙂 -Verne


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