A Winter wanderland


‘Tis the season, and I’ve been doing a bit of wandering.  Nothing new there!  I wonder if Jude will recognise an old haunt of hers.  To be truthful, not looking its finest in Winter drab, but I did my best.



Did you notice my lovely companion?  She was helping me to identify some of the species, but we didn’t do a great job between us.

Of course, the conservatory was the best hunting ground at this time of year.  I imagine Sheffield Botanical Gardens are far more lovely in the Summer and I do intend to go back.  It’s just around the corner from my friend’s new home.

There was a Christmas Fair taking place in Sharrow Vale Road, and naturally I had to sample the mulled wine.  I did draw the line at those enormous pork pies though.  Only if you’re very hungry!

Do you have an Urban Space to share with Jude this month?  I’m sure you must have.  Happy festivities, everyone!


  1. Ahh…nothing is drab about your posts dear Jo…you always manage to get beautiful photos no matter the weather or time of year. Cheers to you my friend…mulled wine, pork pies no! Big hugs lovely lady 🙂 xxxx

    1. Thanks, Sherri 🙂 What an appropriate name for the time of year 🙂 🙂 I don’t mind a dry one. Not a huge mulled wine fan but the company was so nice. Returning the hugs, sweetheart.

  2. A wonderful post. “Winter drab” it isn’t, but what a great phrase. I particularly love the faded fountain photo and the flower remains. The ti tree had me walking along the headland track at home (although my vague memory suggests that they may have cleared the tea tree in a fire prevention frenzy) and cohabiting with my python, christened Bruce by my son and quite huge. The pork pies remind me of the arcane pleasures of an oven. So you’ve given me nostalgia. Or is it anticipation? The end is far too nigh! Friday hugs to you.

    1. Was the ti tree the one with the delicate dangly fronds? No, I can’t see a python wrapped around it somehow. I barely had time to read all those signs but the Australian one did make me think of you. It was a whistlestop tour because there was so much going on back in Lynne’s street and the pub. Wonderful day, despite travel mishaps 🙂 Saturday we’re going to a Magic Lantern Festival in Leeds after a ‘family discussion’. Christmas looms and this year I’m full of trepidation when I should be going boldly into the future. Hugs, sweetheart! I hope the cold is much better and you have a soothing weekend plan.

    1. We were only there for half hour or so, Indah, because we wanted to spend a bit of time at the Christmas Fair and there was music in the pub that afternoon. That was nice and warm 🙂

  3. I’m glad you were able to find some color in the form of flowers this time of the year, Jo. It looks like a nice day out with a friend. I am looking forward to a phone conversation with mine this morning. BTW, our meet-up with Sue was very interesting and a lot of fun! 🙂 Loking forward to more social time with fellow bloggers! 🙂

  4. Ah, now Sheffield. A city I am very familiar with given I spent 4 years doing a degree at the former polytechnic there (now Hallam Uni) in the 1980s and then 6 years working out in Fulwood from 1996 – 2002. And historical family connections too as my aunt and uncle had pubs in Sheffield when I was growing up, as did my cousin, until fairly recently. But the botanical gardens were not open as far as I am aware during the time I was there. They had a major renovation in 2005 – when I had already moved south. I think there have been changes in the city centre too around the Peace Gardens, including the Winter Gardens. Maybe on your next visit you could go there? I enjoyed working in Sheffield, though driving through it every day had its moments! Thanks for the visit Jo 🙂

    1. I don’t really know Sheffield, Jude (we got hopelessly lost finding the pub, despite Mother Google 🙂 ). On a return trip from somewhere I once stopped off there and observed rather swish fountains outside the station. And I’ve been to Sheffield Meadowhall to meet my daughter. The pub is very close to the national park so next time we’re going to walk through the park in that direction.

      1. National park? I know you can walk along Porter Brook all the way out to the countryside. I have walked part of the Whitely Woods trail as it ran close to where I worked. If you do that stop at the Forge Dam cafe – they used to do a great all day breakfast there 😀

      2. Be still my beating heart! 🙂 🙂 Probs with James and the employment situation, Jude. Don’t want to enlarge on here. Not dismissal but not a nice Christmas present. Going to Leeds tomorrow.

      3. A long time since I have been to Meadowhall, but my daughter and I used to go there to do the Christmas shopping! Always ended up with very tired feet!

      4. Me and Lisa just looked at the pretties and sat in the Italian till they threw us out. 🙂 (or the bus home came) It’s a nightmare for traffic this time of year.

      5. We used to go on the train from Donny. Though I have driven there on my way back from Sheffield. Funny thing is I nearly always went home empty handed!

    1. Well, Jude has you well informed on the subject now. 🙂 The landlord at the pub was laying on mulled wine and he thoroughly enjoyed one, as he legged it up and down the street.

  5. Botanical gardens look a good option in winter though especally inside the glass houses to keep warm! I didn’t realie there were any in Sheffield.x

    1. The pub owner(my friend’s husband 🙂 ) was running up and downstairs keeping the mulled wine and hot chocolate stall replenished, with half a pork pie in one hand 🙂 🙂

  6. What a lovely walk through the gardens, Jo. So many plants to see and your companion looked liked she had a great time with you. Didn’t look like you asked too many questions 😉 That Australia sign caught my eye. So sharp of you to have spotted it 🙂

  7. You beat me to it! I was working on my Urban Spaces post this afternoon. This looks like a very interesting garden to visit. Nice to see the Australian section too. Did you know that the reason mountains in the distance in Australia appear blue is all the eucalyptus oil in the atmosphere?

      1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It didn’t actually say that on the sign. It just said about being able to smell it in the air, which I’ve heard visitors can because they’re not used to it, and it triggered the thought. I often take photos of the signs so I can re-read them later.

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