A Winter wanderland


‘Tis the season, and I’ve been doing a bit of wandering.  Nothing new there!  I wonder if Jude will recognise an old haunt of hers.  To be truthful, not looking its finest in Winter drab, but I did my best.



Did you notice my lovely companion?  She was helping me to identify some of the species, but we didn’t do a great job between us.

Of course, the conservatory was the best hunting ground at this time of year.  I imagine Sheffield Botanical Gardens are far more lovely in the Summer and I do intend to go back.  It’s just around the corner from my friend’s new home.

There was a Christmas Fair taking place in Sharrow Vale Road, and naturally I had to sample the mulled wine.  I did draw the line at those enormous pork pies though.  Only if you’re very hungry!

Do you have an Urban Space to share with Jude this month?  I’m sure you must have.  Happy festivities, everyone!


  1. What a pretty friend! And the abutilon is a gorgeous colour.So you had mulled wine this week, I had mulled cider, common as muck me 🙂
    I’m way behind this week, too many nights out, Nina and family arrived yesterday, been to Bridport for the last craft fair of the year today, I’d quite like a snooze right now. Hope you’re having fun too, weekend hugs for you xx


    1. I’ve never tried mulled cider but I did have Baileys and hot chocolate in Leeds this afternoon. Bit of a family crisis but I think it’s going to be ok. Fingers crossed. Don’t go wearing yourself out too much. Love you! 🙂


  2. Loving your urban space wanderings . . . .particularly the ferns and street art. And as for that pork pie, yummy . . . . . . I probably could finish that off quite easily and very happily, I have a thing about pork pies!!


    1. Poor Martin (Lynne’s husband and the landlord) was wandering the street with a pan of mulled wine in one hand and half a pork pie in the other, trying to keep the stall topped up. It was lovely to see them again. 🙂

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      1. Yes – all organised for Christmas in my neck of the woods. Jo. It’ll be a hard one for those of us who have lost loved ones this year, so a load of family hugs will be the order of the day xxxx


      1. It’s so nice to have those long-term friendships that have managed to “stick,” Jo. As for Adam, just heard he’s now leading tours at the hostel for tips full time. That’s a step up and probably encouraging for him. And yes, his keeping warm is pretty enviable right now. 🙂


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