Sheffield Botanical Gardens

A Winter wanderland


‘Tis the season, and I’ve been doing a bit of wandering.  Nothing new there!  I wonder if Jude will recognise an old haunt of hers.  To be truthful, not looking its finest in Winter drab, but I did my best.



Did you notice my lovely companion?  She was helping me to identify some of the species, but we didn’t do a great job between us.

Of course, the conservatory was the best hunting ground at this time of year.  I imagine Sheffield Botanical Gardens are far more lovely in the Summer and I do intend to go back.  It’s just around the corner from my friend’s new home.

There was a Christmas Fair taking place in Sharrow Vale Road, and naturally I had to sample the mulled wine.  I did draw the line at those enormous pork pies though.  Only if you’re very hungry!

Do you have an Urban Space to share with Jude this month?  I’m sure you must have.  Happy festivities, everyone!