Six word Saturday


Lazy leaf or a beach ‘bum’?



Drifting to the end of Verena’s Festival of leaves.  You have one more week for sharing.  Join Cate if you have six words spare.

Have a great week, and don’t get stressed over Christmas.  It’ll come and it’ll go.



  1. Wishing you a calm holiday season, Jo. I no longer get stressed over Christmas, because I decided to stop participating in the consumerism. (Except for good food and drink. :D)Keeps me out of the shops/malls. I give better gifts on birthdays instead.

    1. I’ve tried the opposite- heat. Seemed preferable, with my natural inclinations to warmth, Peta 🙂 🙂 It’s better by far than it was but my knee is now being naughty. I don’t know- these bodies with a mind of their own! 🙂

  2. You have my deepest empathy with the sciatica – I had it during a 3000k trip in the car and seriously just wanted to jump out at a great speed. I love the leaf – flat out and enjoying the beach which is my idea of a great time xxxx

  3. I do know what sciatica means…
    So sorry for you , hope my positive energy may get there and help healing…
    Love both that terrific still leaf and the liveliness of the beach ‘bum’. Great!

      1. A rough couple of months because Dad died suddenly in early October. I was away in the Algarve at the time. He was a good age but it was an enormous shock.

  4. Brilliant shots Jo. Such detail in the leaf one and I love the unusual composition and bright colours of the second.
    Sorry to hear about your back. Was it lifting too many glasses that did it? Seriously though, it is dreadful pain and hard to move. Soft hotel beds set mine off so that’s the one thing I dread on my travels.
    I’m off for a 2 week photography break and will have very little internet access so I’ll be quiet for a while! I hope you’re fully mobile soon!

    1. Oh, you’ll enjoy that, Debs! 🙂 And you’ll be even better when you get back! Funny you should mention it. I did lift rather a lot of glasses last night. And some highly alcoholic 2 year old Christmas cake! Travel safe, hon 🙂

  5. Ah, pretty leaf lying on the seashore. I wonder how it got there? I sympathise with you re the sciatica. Sitting hurts, getting up is agony and sleeping a nightmare in case you turn over during the night! I found walking – very very slowly – was the better option. Hope it improves quickly – and I shall send you a very gentle hug. And a tissue for that man of yours. Stay warm 🙂

  6. Nano, are you writing a book? a second book?
    Love the beach leaf, it always surprises me when I see one on the sand. The sea looks like a summer’s day, but is it here or there? So it’s sciatica, well that’s pants, one I do know well. Big, but gentle hugs sweetheart!

    1. Not me, hon! Jill Weatherholt is writing another book, and I know that Verena at Leaves and Liesbet are both taking part in Nano. You ever done it? These pics are from my October visit. I was going to post more but didn’t feel like it. Thanks, darlin’. The girl’s night last night helped initially ( 🙂 🙂 ) but I was awake from about 4. Might be an early night. 🙂 Do you have any Christmas fairs to trade in?

  7. Without family or the pressure to find and buy gifts, no stress over the holidays here. 🙂 Mark and I are a bit like that leaf on the beach…. slightly out of place, but happy to be there. 🙂

    1. Well, I don’t have a lot this year, Liesbet. There’ll be a list from my son when he gets round to it (he has exams next month) but that’ll all be done online. Anything that doesn’t arrive for Christmas will be a birthday present in January 🙂 Which reminds me- what did you do for your birthday?

      1. My B-day is actually on Monday, a day on which fun things are prohibited (a lot is closed that day) and nice restaurants are closed (at least the ones that strike my fancy). Today is stormy and rainy, so finally some time to catch up on reading and virtual friendships. So… we plan to go to a historic town for lunch tomorrow and go wine tasting in a few vineyards, famous for Zinfandels in the afternoon. Maybe dinner or take-out in the evening. And, for Monday, I can rely on my husband, the great cook, to whip up a tasty breakfast and a wonderful dinner. The shrimp and exquisite Chardonnay are already purchased. 🙂 And, there was an Amazon box in front of the door the other day… Very exciting!! Thanks for asking.

    1. I was going to publish a sequence of them, Jill, but not feeling so great today so I took the short route. They’ll keep 🙂 Nearly at the end with Nano, and there’ll be another book written 🙂 🙂

  8. Stay put cosy indoors or make the effort and … it’s a dithering Saturday here Jo . Hope you have a good one tootling round Durham or not x
    Oh to be that leaf on a beach … hopefully not veined and all curled up at the edges …

    1. Well, there’s always a bit of Cornish coastline, Meg 🙂 🙂
      Thanks, darlin’. Durham was crisp and beautiful and I found a lovely new cafe. I had a jam and cream scone, for medicinal purposes, you understand. (yes I did, Jude disbelieving Harley! I needed food before I could take medication 🙂 ) Truthfully Meg, it hurts almost as much sitting as it does walking. Got the hot water bottle out now. Have a great night!

      1. Oh, I feel for you in your pain. It doesn’t sound as if it’s diminishing. I wish it would. I hate the thought of you hurting. Monday morning hugs, and if I could send you comfortableness I would.

      2. It’s actually a lot better, Meg. Always happens when I finally decide to see a doctor 🙂 (I should try that more often? 🙂 ) Thank you for worrying.

  9. Oh, I like that, ‘lazy leaf’ and an unusual take on the festival of leaves which are usually so Autumn / tree based – I love this one on the beach, sunbathing its last few days of existence! 😀 wishing you a peaceful weekend, Jo. First of advent tomorrow – I still experience a childish thrill about Christmas. Is this normal?!

    1. I should think so, Annika. 🙂 I’m a bit like that about first snowflakes. Right now I’d rather be lying on the beach next to that leaf, but I shall be oohing and aahing along with everyone else in a couple of weeks time.

    1. Oh heck! Mick’s just come downstairs in the same fettle. He has an appointment with a customer this morning so that’ll be delightful for them. 🙂 I’m thinking of dragging myself along and having a tootle round Durham while he’s busy. Not sure 😦

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