1. Drifty dreamy post, Jo – paradise indeed. I love the photos of the little bird steps and the fisherman looks so at peace, total concentration at the task. Oh, summer seems a distant memory now.


  2. Enjoyed browsing and remembering with you! The starfish was quite exceptional – I just re-gifted some dried out starfish to two young gals and went online to show them some photos in their habitat – and this one is so unique I will have to bring them here! We never see them on beaches near us… like the shell too and people 😉


    1. It’s only on the more remote bits of the Algarve beaches that I’ve generally seen them, Yvette, but they fill me with wonder every time. I have a couple of the fragile dried out ones on my Algarve windowsill. 🙂 🙂

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      1. Busy for me as I can’t do as much as ‘normal’ people, if you get my drift… So lots to try and achieve for the next few days!


      1. Friday is my daughter’s day, so I planned to sleep in. And then J rang, because he knows I’m always awake early, to make sure he hadn’t duplicated any books for the kids. Did I say he’ll be back this time next week? If you don’t mind fog, how about darkness at 4?


      2. So soon??? That’s terrific for you! Where did those weeks go? Less than 6, surely? Fog has a certain romance to it, and you can definitely say that about the dark too. Sometimes I don’t mind that ‘being cosied up, close the curtains’ stuff, but it does shorten my striding along beaches time 🙂 🙂 Reminds me- haven’t done that for ages. (on an evening) Must be braver! Have a lovely weekend, darlin.


      3. He was only gone four – long enough to install his solar panels and soak up sun, or did I say that before? A good weekend to you my dear – sunshine without, and within. Off to the theatre with my daughter tonight.


      4. No, you didn’t 🙂 I envy him the sunshine but envy does no good. I have a rather spectacular sunrise just over my right shoulder, and will take consolation in that. Stuck to my hot water bottle this morning and wondering what position to take up to get comfortable. Have a super theatre trip 🙂


      1. I know but a little part of me keeps looking at that sun and wishing . . . . . . .
        Hope you have a lovely weekend too, anything fun planned?


  3. Keep looking through those pictures Jo especially on days like we’ve had recently … sure brings forth a warm glow remembering silky warm sand underfoot . … Lovely Haiku … wistful very much so .. Happy Freitag and enjoy your Girls night Jo ! xx


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