Six word Saturday


One more shout for Capability Brown


I don’t suppose too many of you have heard of Temple Newsam.  This Tudor-Jacobean house, on the eastern edge of Leeds, was the birth place of Lord Henry Darnley, the notorious husband of Mary Queen of Scots.  The 1500 acre country park has grounds beautifully landscaped by Capability Brown. Currently managed by Leeds City Council and open to the public, it’s a fine breath of fresh air in the city.

A wedding was taking place whilst I was there, but the grounds were free to roam.  There’s a Home Farm and playground for the youngsters, and a lake with perfect ‘Pooh sticks’ bridge.  A rhododendron walk and extensive walled garden suits us mature folks.


I was greatly smitten with the conservatory.  Long and thin, it’s a maze inside, full of enticing plants, including the National Collection of Coleus.

I’m dedicating my gallery of leaves to Verena.  Though it’s not quite what she intended, the Autumn challenge, Festival of Leaves, has begun again and you might just want to join in.  Pop over and say ‘hi’.

The above gallery is for Jude, who’s gallivanting around the country and not here to defend herself.  Tee hee!  I love it!

And who can resist bougainvillea?  The stables and courtyard have been converted to tea rooms, of course, and there’s a restaurant in the walled garden.  What more do you need?

To mark the 300 years anniversary of Capability Brown, an exhibition explores the landscape of Temple Newsam through time.  This link includes a rather fine video.  And then it’s time to find six words for Cate.



  1. Who could have guessed plants had so many different colors, except when the leaves turn in autumn? Have another great weekend, Jo, and be careful with that ankle…


  2. Anywhere I can play pooh-sticks wins with me, and this is free to visit as well! Entry charges are becoming extortionate at some places, I’m not stingy but I’m more inclined to spend in a café or shop if the entry is reasonable. I’ve heard of temple Newsom before, you’ve posted about it haven’t you? It’s wonderful, and as for Mr Brown, how on earth did he create such stunning places? I could never think on such a grand scale. What does M think I wonder?
    I love the glass house, the detail on the brick walls and of course your close ups on the abutilon?


    1. Just been nattering to Jude for ages. Turns out we’re not far away from each other and could have met up this evening! My feet are wrecked. I mentioned this somewhere but it’s the only blog about it. Hugs sweetheart. Lazy day tomorrow? XX


      1. No busy again tomorrow and a craft fair on Saturday. Have a wonderful day with Jude give her a hug from me and if need be you can sit in cafes and pubs all day and rest your feet and ankle x🙂x

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      1. I thought it might have something to do with Pooh bear. I loved him as a child, too, but I’ve forgotten most of the details of the stories.


    1. He was a very capable chap, wasn’t he, Cathy? 🙂 Just finished Sunday lunch and I’ve collapsed for a bit. Twisted my ankle down on the Moors on Thursday and it’s still giving me a hard time. Off to Edinburgh to meet Jude on Thursday so I’m hoping for improvement. How are you? 🙂


      1. I guess he was, Jo. I didn’t even know Capability Brown was a man! Haha. I’m sorry about your ankle. You best take a rest from your walks for a bit. I’ve had to take a long break from my daily walks as every time I think I’m feeling better, I go on one, end up sweating and then getting chilled, and set myself back on getting well. I’m taking a break from walking all weekend until I can get rid of this nasty pneumonia. I am definitely feeling better, but not normal; I’ve about had enough of having this persistent nasty tickle in my chest and throat.

        So exciting to meet Jude in Edinburgh. Have you met in person before? Will it just be you and Jude or hubbies too? I can’t wait to read all about your meeting. Have fun! 🙂


      2. Never met! Jude is up there with her OH because he’s attending a conference so she and I can play 🙂 🙂 No fun not feeling well! The sun is beaming away and I’d like to be out and about but it’s not sensible (and who’s going to write this walk? 🙂 )


  3. That’s such a beautiful collection of photos, Jo! Thank you so much for joining the festival and dedicating the leaves to it! These gardens are just wonderful and I especially loved the bougainvillea. Always remind me of holidays in Italy where you can see them everywhere.
    See you next week xx


  4. I have! I have! [claps hands and jumps up and down…] heard of ‘Temple Newsam’. Probably been there too as a child. Thanks for the gallery of Abutilon – there are some stunning colour combos these days. I have never really been keen on coleus, don’t know why because the foliage is quite dramatic.


      1. I forgot to say how surprised I am to see so many roses still in flower at this time of the year. Usually they are all over by the end of July, but there are loads around. Who won? Serena? I don’t follow the US one and I know Murray is out.


      2. I don’t generally watch ladies tennis but there are a few rising stars. The final was between Kerber and Plistkova (who knocked Serena out in the semis). Close 3 sets but Kerber won.
        Yes, lots of roses still. Forgot to ask how the wedding went? Hope you had a lovely time while I was tripping over on the Moors 🙂 🙂

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