Six word Saturday


Did you watch the opening ceremony?

If so you were one of three billion, watching around the world.  I had no intention that this be my Six word Saturday this week, but I was drawn into these magical creations of the human mind.  Looking down on beautiful Rio from that tiny plane, I couldn’t help but smile.  If only we could keep that joy, and work together for a better world.

Wishing you all a peaceful and happy week.  Click on the YouTube link that comes up to watch the highlights.



  1. It was a fabulous opening ceremony. And I too wish we could work together – in love and inclusiveness – to make a better world. We’ve got a horrible, divisive political environment here in the USA right now. Hope you enjoyed your weekend, Jo. 🙂


      1. Was it your birthday, Jo? Did I miss it? Oh dear. If so, I’m sorry! The too much cake never seems to affect you as you always look as trim as ever.

        Yep, counting down. I haven’t started an ounce of packing and you know what a dilemma that is for me! 🙂


  2. I am Brazilian and the opening ceremony certainly has made us proud. Brazil is going though some hard times and hosting the games has been very controversial, but I do hope that it will all be worth in the end. Thanks Jo😄


  3. The digital images were incredible – we lost power about one hour in, but it came back on in time for us to see the American athletes come into the stadium. I love see what the different countries’ athletes are wearing.


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