Elusive shadows


It was hot in the Algarve last month and I spent a lot of time searching for Shadow.  Here on the waterfront at Olhao I found a good vibe.

The island of Armona is one of my idyllic places.  Just a ferry ride away.  Sangria anyone?

The palms don’t offer much shade, and I’d have to dress up for the pousada.  Those cloisters do look inviting though.

Faro is an uber cool place for strolling.  A little arts and crafts.  Maybe even an ice cream?

When evening falls it’s still warm, and those shadows are ever more elusive.


Is it any wonder I’m planning my next trip?  Thanks, Paula, for giving me another opportunity to share a place I love.


  1. Awesome shadows here Jo. Now this is what I miss about living in SA. Those evenings when it was still warm enough to walk around without a jacket and eat outside and listen to the cicadas and breathe in the scent of the jasmine. I’m so glad Paula gave you an excuse to post these photos. I can see why you want to spend more time in the Algarve.


    1. It must have been a hard adjustment to make, Jude. If I come back to the UK and it’s grey I’m inconsolable 😦 It does convey a mood, doesn’t it? You won’t need to visit Tavira. Between me and Gilly you’ll know every street 🙂 🙂 Back there on 28th Sept for 2 weeks. Incidentally, not booked a place in Edinburgh yet. Will advise. 🙂


      1. I don’t mind small towns. Easy access to bars and restaurants 🙂
        Haven’t decided on a fountain yet, just catching up with the shadows! Been out in the garden most of the afternoon, making the most of the sunshine 🙂


  2. mmmm, love all that ‘Mediterranean’/sea atmosphere with tonnes of shadows ’cause there is SUN to cast a shadow (saying someone who wears 2 layers of long sleeves in august :-).


      1. Whoopee- France here I come! 🙂 Thank you very much.
        Incidentally- if you put Cacela Velha or Silves, or anywhere really, into the search box just below the header, it’ll bring up the relevant posts….. Maybe 🙂 🙂 Probably easier from the A-Z.


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