ul Piotrkowska with Jo 

In case any of you missed this! I couldn’t let you, could I? Many thanks for your friendship, lovely lady. Smiles and hugs coming your way 🙂 🙂


restlessjo has been a blogging friend for more than a year. She lives in England, I in Australia, but we both have Polish connections and here we are meeting in Łódź, a fact that has us hugging frequently in disbelief. What a day of talk and photography, as we stroll along Piotrkowska, delighted with each other, Łódź and the ease of speaking English.

A bit of Łódź background. It was one of the biggest European textile centres in the nineteenth century. Its city icon is a boat, which is what “łódź” (pronounced woodge) means in Polish: it appears on man hole covers, the base of lampposts, garbage tins, and trams, as the mermaid does in Warsaw. I wonder at the boat, when there is no sign of a river in my limited explorations. I discover that once upon a time, according to “Łódź in your pocket”, there were eighteen rivers…

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  1. sono momenti molto belli ed intensi, mi ricorda quando sono in giro lintano dall’Italia ed ho il piacere di trovare qualche connazionale con cui chiaccherare
    buona giornta Jo


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