Winter Garden ‘Snowku’


Is there any such word?

Cold and shivery, if so!

Tiny ice crystals


Snow was fleeting in my part of the world, so I had to be quick with the camera.  While Jude was loitering inside the glasshouse I was out in the fingerless gloves.  Who’s the fool, I ask myself.  Certainly not Jude!

When I was folder-ing these away, I came across some evidence that our hellebores really don’t seem to mind snow.  Nor the rhododendrons, come to that.  But then, don’t they come from the Himalayas?


That’s quite enough snowku for this month!  I just sneaked a look at next month’s Garden Photography Challenge.  ‘Monochrome’… over to you!


  1. You are so clever with your ‘snowku,” which I think is a wonderful word. The ice crystals are really quite beautiful against the foliage and those sweet little primroses. I’m going to be curious to see what you do with monochrome! 🙂


      1. 🙂 Yes rolling around making snow angels 🙂 This week I will see 30’s and 40’s F and my lilac buds are getting plump 🙂

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      1. Strangely weary. Heat exhaustion? Daughter exhaustion? Too much holiday fun with my sister last week? A bracing walk in light snow would probably do the trick. 🙂


  2. I’m reaching for a woolly jumper just looking at these photos Jo. I think I’ll join Jude in the glasshouse. BTW you could enter those brave primroses in this weeks WP photo challenge of “optimism”. Clever haiku, you are becoming quite the poet…


      1. Oh. Well then, I shall just have to hang around the blogs of my other Northern Hemisphere friends for further snowy doses. I can revel in it because I don’t have to live in it.

        Did you know we had snow last week? It was 43 degrees Celsius on Wednesday and then on Thursday the temperature dropped so much it snowed in the mountains. Life is never boring here. 😀


  3. Wow that first photograph is fantastic . . . . pleased though we’ve escaped the cold and ice! Having a drizzly day here today but yesterday was gorgeous, and the Spring flowers are beginning to dominate the landscape. Should be lovely and warm for your Algarvian walks in a couple of weeks 🙂


  4. Love your snow scenes Jo. We’ve had a few mornings of hard frost but I haven’t had a chance to take any photos, so I’m glad to see yours 🙂 Sorry I haven’t been over lately, but I’m catching up, very slowly 🙂


    1. No worries, hon! I never know what day you’re going to post so I often wait till you come for a walk with me before I visit yours. (unless I spot you in somebody’s comments 🙂 ) Hope you’re in for a smooth spell, Sherri. You’re certainly due one! Sending big hugs 🙂

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      1. Makes perfect sense, you know I’ll always be over to you and you’re right, I never know what day I’m going to post either! And it will be even more random for a while methinks. Thank you lovely Jo, you’re a bright star shining in my world 🙂 xx

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