Six word Saturday


High seas and a happy family!





Something that I seem to have in common with my Polish family is a love for the sea.  My cousin Grażyna and husband, Jarek, have their own boat on the Norfolk Broads.  Remember Tilting at Windmills?  Mostly smooth sailing, but when my uncle Włodek came to England for the first time, with his lovely lady, Weronika, they were keen to stroll beside the bracing North Sea.  The fact that it was a cool, heavily overcast day did not deter them, so long as the rain kept off.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the above photos were taken in black and white.  Not so!  With whoops of delight we watched the sea pitch and twirl, as it put on a grand display, just for us.  It was spellbinding!

The statue in the square seemed to be vainly imploring the waves.  Somewhere warm and dry was called for and the Museum of Hartlepool, with its maritime theme, fitted the bill perfectly.  An exhibition dedicated to the bombardment of Hartlepool in 1914, and featuring the iconic poppies, was a welcome bonus, as was the gaslit cafe on the paddle steamer PSS Wingfield Castle.


Three German warships attacked our town on the morning of December 16th, 1914.  The attack left 130 people dead and more than 500 injured.


It was almost closing time so, after kawa and herbata, we trooped happily back to ours for food.

That was my week.  How about yours?  Have you got six words to share with Cate at Show My Face?  I’ll be back on Monday, with a different kind of watery walk.  Hope to see you then.  Have a good weekend!



  1. Love the sea wild and grey. I took a few at the weekend at West Bay, hoping to share them or one at least for your nature photo challenge Jo…when I get to it. I can’t believe how slow I am with blogging. What a wonderful family visit, no wonder you were so busy with entertaining. I love those times 🙂


  2. Amazing captures, I adore the sea – if I lived close to the sea full time, like Liverpool or the tiny danish island so I for sure would have a boat – but with full respect to the river Rhin so it isn’t the sea – so living here I couldn’t use it much if I have to travel for the french or dutch west coast… 🙂


  3. Great photos, Jo. The family certainly looks well insulated against the cold wind. Amazing rough seas! War memorials always make me sad, especially when some of the names are those of youngsters who should have been playing outside with their school friends, instead of fighting.


    1. Some of the casualties were in the collapsed houses on the seafront, Ad. There is a permanent display dedicated to the war years in the museum, but the poppies are a poignant addition.
      The amount of cold weather gear Jarek had in the back of his car would have outfitted a small army 🙂 🙂

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  4. It looks really cold, but yes wonderful to watch, do the cousins live near the sea? I know Poland has some nice beaches. I had no idea about 1914, its heartbreaking to see children’s names an that list, well the whole thing of course.
    Do I spot your OH on the left of the photo?


    1. I must have magicked you up, Gilly! I was just thinking about you and there you were! Neat trick- I must try it again 🙂
      Grazyna and her brother and families both now live in Norfolk, and love fishing, so no problem there. Uncle lives on the German border with Poland, so has a river but a long way from the sea. He loved it so much, he says he’s coming back in the Summer 🙂 Yep, that’s Mick!

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      1. I was in Hampshire with my G babies yesterday so it takes me a while to catch up! Yes I did think it was a shame not to be here in summer. Where do you fly in and out of when you go? there are seven Polish destinations from Bristol. If Exeter had one that would tip it for me!
        What a good looking family you are x:-)x


      2. Uncle flew back to Wroclaw, from East Midlands, this morning and should be close to home by now. Wroclaw is a stunner of a city for a summer visit. We always fly into Krakow and stay with my cousin Adam before travelling north to the families.
        Peas in a pod 🙂


  5. Well you know I share your love of the sea! And that bonus picture with the poppies was just brilliant. Too bad so much beauty was manifested from the ashes of a senseless battle. Will we ever learn? My week..well we are having some tough times right now but I haven’t been ready to blog about that just yet. Happily hiding behind my camera. Thanks for asking.


      1. Thank you for the virtual hugs Jo. Greatly appreciated and much needed. The Captain did not receive the ‘clean bill of health’ that he’d communicated while traveling in Italy. I got the full story when he returned to the boat (he wanted to tell me in person). The good news is that we’ve got an outpatient treatment plan lined up with good local doctors and we hope to have him sorted for sailing again in June.


    1. I had the feeling it was something like that. At least it can be fixed! And it was identified so that it can be 🙂 He’ll be a happy sailor again soon 🙂 Thanks for sharing it with me. So scary when these things happen!

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  6. How nice to have your family visit! I always gravitate to the sea, but I probably steer clear of the walks when the sea is this choppy! It made for some fantastic photos, however. And the museum looks like it has some very interesting stories! Very nice!


  7. I love the energy of a stormy sea (as long as I’m safe and sound). I’ve succumbed to the temptation of going to the shore in the early hours of a typhoon and then hurrying home before it became too stormy. I especially love your third photo with that bouquet of a cresting wave in the center.


  8. ciao Jo, avevo il PC in tilt, e sono stata via per le feste, mi spiace non averti potuto augurare prima un felice anno nuovo, di pace e serenità per te e per tutti coloro che ami, lo faccio oraa!!!! 🙂
    Le immagini del mare in burrasca sono sempre affascinanti anche se mi incutono sempre un po’ di timore in ricordo di una traversata piuttosto agitata ha ha!
    passa una notte felice xx


  9. It looks quite chilly there Jo, but of course not as cold as Minnesota (we are below zero windchill). I do love the sea as well. Something about it that pulls you to it.


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