Six word Saturday


How many circles can you count?


Fuzzy glasses

Just me, having a little fun and silliness with some glasses!  I hope you had a good Christmas.  It’s all a memory now, isn’t it?  Not blurred around the edges- honestly!  I only had a couple.

It’s Saturday again and time to find six words to describe your week.  Have you been going round in Circles?  I sometimes think I have!



  1. This does seem like the time of the year when we do run around in circles. My tree will come down tomorrow…then the season is really over for me. Enjoy your family visit.

  2. I really like the blurred edge effect! And I think you’ve captured my Saturday quite well. I have a long list of things I hoped to accomplish and I did a lot of walking in circles! 🙂 I think I just need another day or two to regain my balance. Wishing you a happy new year, Jo. May our walking in circles at least bring a new sense of adventure. 🙂

    1. I hope so, Debra! I have one more day to organise myself before my Polish family arrive. Just so long as the circles aren’t ever decreasing 🙂 Welcome to 2016!

      1. Ha, Jo I’m right back at it ~ or I’m trying to be!! Seems like the last time we wrote I was still getting the decorations and cards done, well today I’m starting to take them down.

        Here’s to your amazing Monday walks and Saturday six-words, looking forward to what you bring us in the new year.

      2. Thanks, Mary 🙂 I’m breaking with tradition and leaving mine up a little longer so the place looks pretty for my Polish family. Hope it’s not bad luck 😦

      1. You DO lead an exciting life 🙂 🙂 Are you expecting to have much spare? I have no idea what size house you’re moving from…to! Let me see… what do I need? 🙂 🙂

  3. Your glass table makes really interesting reflections, it puzzled me trying to work out what was where. I didn’t have any Christmas cake this year, I never make or buy it but usually I’d get a slice somewhere!
    It is all done now, phew, on we go, happy Saturday x 🙂 x

    1. True confessions again, Gilly! This was last year’s cake, bought in the sales, which fell down the back of the cupboard shelf and was rediscovered a few weeks ago. 🙂 I had the discussion with Jude whether it would be edible, and actually it was delicious! All gone now 😦 You too! Got to do some food shopping now for next week’s arrivals.

  4. At the breakfast table .. and my thoughts goes to you. I hope you had a pleasant and relaxing Christmas and that the New York has had a soft and gentle start …. thank you so much for always being here for me!!!! Glad that it has been a lite blur in your world too. *smile … not going to count the circles – love you playfulness … in images.
    On Monday am I doing a daytrip to Prague … bring my friend back home.

    1. Hi Vivi 🙂 Yes- I remembered that you are going back. Such a sad state of affairs! My Polish family arrive in a day or 2 and I shall be ‘all of a dither’, but I had a little quiet time… and you just ‘have’ to play, don’t you? 🙂 🙂 Will come and see you before you go.

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