Jo’s Monday walk : Salt marshes at Fuseta


It’s that ‘betwixt and between’, Christmas time and the New Year.  The weather has been atrocious in so many places and some people will be spending it mopping up and repairing their homes.  I haven’t managed too much walking lately myself, but I do still have some happy memories to share.  Shall we take a little salt marsh stroll in the Eastern Algarve?  Nothing too strenuous!  At day’s end, we can even linger by the beach awhile.

The sky is blue, and that’s a good start!  I’ve taken you to Fuseta before.  It’s a little off the beaten track, but beloved by campers for the beachfront camp site.  New development unkindly overshadows the distinctive fishermen’s homes.  Prime location is key, after all, but the fishermen pursue their livelihood as they always did.  The settlement dates back to 1572, and the fishing boats still cluster together in the mouth of the Rio Tronoco.

Approximately 10km east of Olhão, you turn off the E125 and follow the narrow road, over the railway tracks and down past the river mouth to the shore.  Except in high Summer you will find ample parking beside the camp site.  With the sea on your left, walk between the fishermen’s houses and the new apartment blocks facing the sea.  The salt marshes open out where the road ends.





It’s a distinctive landscape, and habitat for all kinds of birds.  I’ve grown to love it’s oft times, unkempt appearance when the tide is low. Spears of sunlight glinting on high water will reward my patience later.  Coots bob gently on the surface, while their longer-legged friends peck, and choose.





Paths lead between the salt pans but you would be ill advised to follow any that are not obviously well trodden.  Cyclists zip past, some with a smile and a wave.  Looking back, houses randomly dot the marsh borders, and in the distance the new builds gleam, whitely.




You can follow the cycle track all the way to Olhao if you wish, but I did promise you a shorter walk, so I’m meandering back, on the main path across the marshes.  I know of a good bench or three, where you can watch the locals play boules and still keep an eye on the sea.IMG_1198



You’ll be wanting a stop at the beach cafe, but I might just tempt you to a stroll along the river mouth first?  You know I like a boat or two!

IMG_3787 IMG_3781

It’s a little ragged around the edges, but Fuseta is a real and honest place, with a working population.  I hope you enjoyed accompanying me on my stroll.  Shall we head back to that cafe now?  I hear there’s cake!

walking logo

I’ve had a great time walking with you all this year.  Thank you for the support.  It has been amazing!  I worry sometimes that the formula is growing stale.  I know that I will carry on walking and sharing, because I love it, but I would hate for you to be bored.  You can say so, politely, in the comments, if you wish.  I promise not to take offense.  For now, I’m going to put that kettle on.


Not many shares this week, as you’ve all been busy with Christmas!  Hopefully you’ll find time to read just a few excellent ones.  Many thanks to my contributors!  My Jo’s Monday walk page gives details of how to join in.

Drake’s post was wonderfully Christmassy!  Happy New Year to you, sir!


Over at Junkboat Travels they were making a proper holiday of it :

Mazatlan, Mexico

Why not visit Jaspa’s favourite city?  You may be in for a surprise :

Secret Itineraries Tour, Doge’s Palace, Venice

One of my joys on Christmas morning was this precious gift from Meg.  Please don’t miss it!

Eurobodalla beaches : Wasp Head 

And my lovely friend Gilly proves that murky weather doesn’t have to make you miserable :

A Boxing Day stroll

Please do join me on Jo’s Monday walk next week, when I’ll be celebrating the launch of Jude’s new Garden Photography Challenge.  I have a rather nice English garden to share.  But first,  I’d like to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year, and lots of walking!


  1. I love this walk along the salt marshes, Jo. I especially love your boat photos, the birds (what are the long-legged ones – herons, storks?), and that beautiful plant, I think it’s aloe?? Gorgeous pictures to brighten our moods now that the winter cold is now hitting us with full force. Luckily no snow yet, and still blue skies! 🙂

    1. Blue skies! Forgotten what they look like, Cathy. Good job I’m going back to the Algarve on 1st Feb (though I understand it’s a bit squally there right now 🙂 ) Flamingos, you mean? The Polish family have just gone for the evening and I’m all in a heap, with the Christmas tree still to take down 🙂

      1. Oh flamingos! I always think flamingos should be pink, and those don’t look pink. I guess they can be any color though. I’m taking my Christmas tree down on Saturday, after we’ve moved Adam out! Then I can clean up, get our house organized just in time for it to be torn apart for our renovation. Maybe I’ll finally be able to relax in April or May, assuming Adam isn’t on his way back home after 6 months!

      2. What’s Adam going to be doing in Richmond? Tree’s down and I’m totally collapsed tonight but we had a lovely time. Finished with being the hostess with the mostest for the time being. Not my natural role 🙂 What kind of renovations are you having done? Our house needs a top to toe overhaul as well as major clean out…I might start on Friday when the family have gone.

      3. Your guess is as good as mine as to what Adam will be doing, Jo. We told him he needs to get a job and we are leaving it up to him to find one that pays enough for him to keep his apartment after our 6-month trial period (during which time our contribution to his living expenses declines each month). Richmond has a lot of young people and is a small city that’s more manageable than northern Virginia, which is simply a suburb of Washington and nothing more than urban sprawl. We hope he can make connections with like-minded people and find a direction and a fresh start.

        As for our house, we need quite a large renovation. This time around, we’re knocking out the wall between kitchen and family room, getting a whole new kitchen, knocking down the deck and building a screened-in porch and a deck, and building a new laundry/mud room. It will be a major project. The contractor is drawing up some conceptual plans right now. Also, we plan to do major decluttering ourselves, starting soon, I hope! I’m reading an interesting book about that: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. It gives an interesting method for tackling the problem.

        I’m sure you’re happy your hostessing duties are over. I was really happy to have the holidays come to an end and to take down our Christmas tree! Enjoy your decluttering! 🙂

      4. Haven’t started yet! Enjoying the lull. Maybe I should read that book! Sounds like you plan to stick around for a while this time, Cathy 🙂 Love to you and Mike xx

      5. Thanks, Jo, yes all is okay. I’m busy this month taking a class and reading a lot (of excruciatingly boring stuff) to take the Virginia Real Estate licensing exam. I haven’t had much time for blogging. Hopefully I’ll get back to it soon. 🙂 Is all well with you? xxx

      6. You’re thinking of selling real estate? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick, as usual? Yes- more relaxed here after the Polish family visit, thanks. 🙂 I thought you might still be having ‘family troubles’ so good news that you’re just busy.

      7. Hey Jo! I’m taking the Real Estate class and will take the test to see if I pass. Then I’ll decide if I want to do it. Since I have to be home for a good while, I’d like to try it out and see how it goes. If I don’t like it, or I decide it’s too much work for too little payoff, I may consider going abroad again. Or figure out something else to do! 🙂 As for “family troubles,” I may still have them, but now they’re not right under my nose!

    1. It’s been atrocious in many parts, Julie. Pretty lucky where I live (and up a hill is a good place to be 🙂 ). Thanks for your company and all the best in the year ahead.

  2. Could never be bored with your lovely walks Jo so do hope you keep going even if you decide to go to fortnightly or monthly, and if you decide to do something completely different I know whatever you try next will be just as wonderful. I always smile after one of your walks.

    We’ve not got out to Fuseta yet this trip, really don’t know where the time goes but do plan to go early in 2016. Last time we were there it was at low tide, so lovely to see your pictures of a high tide. Wishing you a happy and fulfilling 2016.

  3. I do hope you are feeling better and thank you for taking us on a walk to such a lovely laid back part of the Algarve. I agree it is an honest working class sort of a place and quite delightful, all those fishing boats are a sure sign of hard workers. I hope you keep on with your walks in 2016. It will leave a big hole in the blogging world if you stop. Best wishes for 2016. How long are your Polish family with you? two and a half hours to midnight here, but I am almost asleep so the new year will have to come in unattended at this house…

    1. You’ll be fast asleep and the rockets will be about to go off as I answer this, Pauline. No worries- it will be New Year all day tomorrow, as my Mam used to say 🙂 I’m up and down like a yo-yo at the minute, hon. I don’t handle stress at all well these days. The sooner I get to that laidback lifestyle in the Algarve… 🙂 They’re only here 3 days! Silly of me, isn’t it? Off to see a few rockets now on the Star Wars movie 🙂 God bless!

      1. Happy New Year Jo, stay calm and enjoy your family. Yes your Mam was right it will be NYDay all day. (wise lady) best wishes for 2016, safe travelling and keep walking…

  4. Now that was such an awesomes stroll Jo! You always take me far away with your amazing photos. Thanks for the lovely virtual travel darling. You will find me at the light house, looking for mermaids. 😛

    Wishing you and your family and wonderful and prosperous 2016! ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Good morning, Sonel, and a very happy and healthy New Year to you! I’m just putting together my New Year’s post and I’ll come visiting. Thank you so much for your appreciation and kindness over the years. Hugs for 2016! 🙂 🙂

      1. Morning darling and thanks for the lovely wishes and also for yours. You are such a sweet and dear lady. Love you for it. 😀 ♥

  5. This series is anything BUT boring, Jo! I’ve loved it.

    This place must have some awesome fishing (all those great little fishing boats are a big clue!)

    Happy New Year, Jo! xxxxxx

    1. Judging from the number of barbecues and fish restaurants, you’re not wrong, Dianne. 🙂 Thanks for all your support and kind words, hon. Yes- it’s drawing near! Happy New Year 🙂

      1. It sounds bliss! I hope you can find some stable weather. The world appears to have gone slightly mad at the minute, if you believe the news forecasts 🙂 Sorry if I’ve misspelt your name- I always get it wrong 😦 Very best wishes wherever you celebrate it.

  6. Jo, I love your blog and it is NEVER boring. I don’t get to read posts as much as I would like because of my hectic work schedule but I am going to try to do better in 2016 and comment more too. Thank you for what you do.
    Have a Happy New Year!

    1. Bless you! That’s so nice to hear! I’m feeling a little bit out of sorts at the moment but I thrive on praise so thank you. Very best wishes to you and no worries-visit when you can. You’ll be welcome x

  7. This looks so relaxing. And there’s sun too!
    Definitely carry on with the sharing Jo – you always give us a great mix of places and I love your writing too.

    Just preparing a walk for this week – will be up soon, hopefully.

    1. I’ve just picked up my phone to pass 5 minutes before I wash the kitchen floor and here are some lovely messages to cheer me up! Thanks Paula. I’ll have a look later when the chores are done. Wasn’t sure when you were blogging again. Hope you had a pleasant Christmas xxx

      1. It’s not a very good time for me now, Jo, and I am sorry for telling it here. If I am not around as much, it is not because I don’t care. I have things to take care of 😦

    1. There’s plenty of beauty about when we go looking, Barbara. I’m just home from a lovely day chasing waterfalls in Teesdale. 🙂 Many thanks to you and very best wishes for 2016.

  8. Dear Jo, although I am a part time blogger and full time worker, I treasure memories, recent anchors in the sand and your past European family reunion. I like this post with wide expanses of blue water and skies, sunny boats, cacti, the orange bright plants along the marsh. Hope to see more walks posts in 2016! Happy new year, Jo!

    1. Your company is always very welcome, Robin, and I know you have limited time so it’s appreciated. Glad you enjoyed this, and yes, I’m sure there’ll be more 🙂 Many thanks to you and best wishes for 2016!

  9. Don’t you dare mention the “b” word. You’re like a magician. You keep pulling mataphorical rabbits out of hats in your three main locations.

    Salt marshes: now the’s a new landscape for me. The boats with a sea gull captain are a beautiful colour and I love the glorious lines and the long legged birds. The fact that it’s a working place gives it unbeatable charm: I was in orange orchard country and felt the mighty pleasure watching every passing person or vehicle engaged in the same business.

    Is that lantana early on? Such a beautiful flower – and such a pest here. My son began his battle with it last time he visited his block, and it won the first round hands down.

    1. I exercised self restraint on this post, Meg :). ME! Unbelievable! I had loads of boat photos and I pared them down to half a dozen 🙂
      I think you’d like our end of the Algarve. It’s all salt marsh and it can look decidedly scruffy when the tide’s out, but it has a certain magnetism (and it’s flat for walkers 🙂 Must be getting old like Jude- I never thought I’d hear me sing flat’s praises 🙂 ). Yes, lantana- lots of different hues and not a beast here yet. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Mrs. Wizard. 🙂

  10. A lovely walk. I cannot get over how flat it all is over that part of the Algarve, reminds me of the salt marshes of North Norfolk which I love. I agree with the other commenters, we ❤ your walks and your photos. I hope to join in again soon, I'm a fair weather walker as I am really a photographer who walks… my excuse and I am sticking to it 😉

    I am sure you are worrying over nothing (get some M&S food in, I would) but that doesn't help when you wake in the middle of the night. I know THAT feeling all too well. We had a lovely afternoon stroll in Wisley – I'll post the photos of the lights for you on return. But I am not enjoying driving in all this traffic! Nor in the dark. I think I am getting old 😦 and OH not well, allergic reaction knocked him out tonight.

    Youngest granddaughter tomorrow, she'll have grown tenfold since we last saw her! And new one expected in Oz! The dynasty is expanding 🙂
    TTYL Jo 🙂

    1. Yes- very good for aging legs, Jude 🙂 I’m not worried about contributor numbers. It’s interesting when someone new comes along, but with all my lovely faithfuls I know they’ll be back when there’s something good to share. Quality over quantity every time and I can rely on you for that 🙂
      And for the moral support too 🙂
      Mick is auditioning for world’s grumpiest driver, so I don’t envy you the driving part. James is back in Leeds for 2 days (after cooking again!!! last night 🙂 ) so I’m hoping for a tootle out today, avoiding flood plains. 😦 Sorry about OH! Wisley is a lovely bonus to the grandkids 🙂 Take care of yourself!

      1. So glad you had the enjoyment of James’s cooking. Hope his place in Leeds is OK. My middle son’s office got flooded. We returned home today as OH quite ill all night and not up to exploring, did manage a fleeting visit to the youngest GD though, she is such a cutie – tall and skinny with lovely eyes, and we got a smile or two 🙂 Drive back much better in the sunshine though still busy on the roads. I’m quite patient though (got used to being behind all these slow trucktors here in the country), but there are some annoying drivers out there. Got some nice flower photos in the glasshouse and quite a few light to share with you for Monday!

    2. Wild here this morning! Just a slit of angry red through rolling black clouds. Quite dramatic, sitting indoors 🙂 Sorry about David. Hope he’s on his feet again soon. New Year’s Eve plans? Spirit lifting day spent chasing waterfalls yesterday 🙂 Looking forward to your big launch this weekend 🙂

      1. Very windy here, and wet. Would not have been a day for exploring so nothing lost in coming home early. We make even less fuss over NYE – have been known to be in bed well before midnight 🙂

  11. You don’t have a boring bone in your body girl! I love your Monday walks even if I don’t get to post every time. This one cheered me up, as I’ve just got back from yet another grey, countryside walk myself. How I long for that blue! I like a place that’s ragged around the edges, instead of glossy or tacky with tourism and thanks to you I love the eastern Algarve. Enjoy your Polish visitors babe 🙂

    1. Thanks for being lovely, Gilly 🙂 We just had a brisk walk by the beach. Grey skies but a bit of drama in the waves. Mick was fast walking though, so I couldn’t get the camera out. Cobwebs all gone 🙂 🙂

    1. I kind of hoped no-one would ask that, Susan, because I’m not entirely sure, though I have tried to find out. 😦 It resembles a lifeboat station but is not currently in use. It does make good photos though 🙂

    1. Not great here, either, Pit, but considering what’s going on around our world I consider us lucky 🙂 Just been for a rather wild and grey walk by the local beach 🙂 Thanks- you too!

  12. First of all, I absolutely loved this stroll. Magnificent, diverse landscapes and boats, boats, boats! Secondly, I would be very sad to see you stop doing your Monday walks as I so much enjoy accompanying you on yours, walking with other participants, and sharing my own from time to time. If you are bored by the idea and want to do something else, fine. But if you think that we are bored by all the beauty that you share with us, well you are just mad!

    1. Lisa, that’s such a lovely thing to hear. 🙂 I’m just feeling a bit winter grumpy, I think. I need to start planning for the year ahead but I have Polish family visiting next week, and I can’t think past that at present. Thanks for your kindness, and I’m glad you enjoy the walks. 🙂

  13. “Look at that sea, girls–all silver and shadow and vision of things not seen. We couldn’t enjoy its loveliness any more if we had millions of dollars and ropes of diamonds.” Your pictures are so inspiring, dear Jo. Keep on walking and showing us such beautiful places, please! Your posts are very great and I always look forward to reading them. You enjoy this world and share its beauties with us! You helps me to discover a completely new world which I might never see in reality, can you imagine how valuable it is for people like me? So, never stop!

    1. We’ve been pretty lucky here, Ann. 🙂 Torrential rain for a day or two but no flooding in our immediate surroundings. Dreadful in Yorkshire and Cumbria though. I don’t know why I’m feeling so down. Life must be pretty miserable for those poor folks!

      1. Yes, it must be messy and discouraging. Hmm……sometimes we just get weary. I do,especially around mid-winter which is about where you are now. Smiles and hugs from the sunny south of NZ. 🙂

  14. Hey jo – perfect for an end of the year walk between holidays (as u noted) and live the benches u always find (and boats) – also – I do not think the Monday walks are stale – but I know for me because I am blogging less I participate in stuff less and visit less – sniff – but doing what works right now – anyhow – love your Monday walks💕💕💕

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Yvette 🙂 I’m having a small dose of end of year blues, and I need to pick myself up and give me a good shake. 🙂 Your company, whenever you can make it, is always appreciated. 🙂

      1. 😏 well I hope the shake helps – ha! And I like how U said the “betwixt and between” because it seems perfect for describing this end of the year time – and here we went from crazy ten days to
        Silence – was nice but weird – we had out of town visitors and huge to do lists – we were scrapping for sleep – u know – and then – get this – everyone left the same morning and schedules were all clear – and it was like – what?
        But already adjusting to the next wave of life -and so cheers to 2016🌹🌹🌹

      2. I have Polish family visiting on the 4th and am getting myself in a dither already! Full steam ahead after that 🙂 Thanks, Y! Hugs and goodies in 2016!

      3. Yeah – as nice as Christmas turned out to be over here (and very grateful for that) a few of us actually used the “h” word last week (as in hate this time of year) – ha!
        Anyhow -I hope u enjoy your polish family when they come – what a great way to start 2016 – ❤️

      4. Oh, I can join you in the slight blues, Jo…. I have a bit of a cold coming on, and just trying to perk myself up by listening to music….no energy for anything else

      5. 😦 I hope Christmas was ok though? Did you have company? I have Polish family coming next week and I should be looking forward to it, but instead I’m loosing sleep over the cooking.

      6. Christmas Day was spent with friends and their extended family -25 of us sat down to lunch! All I did was prepare some of the vegg, and talk! Boxing Day with more friends, and plenty of games and laughs… Last couple of days I’ve been resting up….

      7. And this is perhaps just a repeat of past worriting, and everything worked out fine previously, and doubtless will again….

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