Six word Saturday


This pretty well sums it up


Time spent with my daughter almost always involves cake and pretty things, and this week was no exception.  The shops were all a-twinkle and we gazed our fill.  A brisk walk through the park was rewarded with hot chocolate.  A shopping session required something a little more substantial.


The Christmas market was fun but I never did find one of those angels.  I tried on a hat and thought about playing ‘hook a reindeer’, but I hung on to my Winter Pimms instead.  The Helter Skelter did look tempting though.

No doubt about it, Christmas has come to Nottingham.  I hope your preparations are going better than mine.  I have a naked Christmas tree in the corner.  Time to get my fairy out and find her some friends.  It won’t be quite so grand as this.

Just one more weekend to go.  Enjoy this one, and don’t forget to pop in on Cate with your six words.  See you on Monday, when we’ll get out for a walk together to blow all those cares away.  See you then!



  1. I have two daughters one is 30 and the other is 35. I have a son in the middle of the girls. I enjoyed seeing your daughter with beautiful auburn hair. The cake and decorations made my mouth water and wish to shop. 🙂


    1. Hi Robin! Happy New Year to you 🙂 So funny because I just this second posted this week’s 6 words and I thought you were commenting on it. I was scratching my head and wondering if I’d had a little too much to drink. If you have a look you’ll see why. Sending hugs! 🙂


  2. I love your opening line ‘Time spent with my daughter almost always involves cake and pretty things’….as it should be :-).
    And what a wonderfully festive gallery of images. I want that wreath for my door (when I have one again) and the cake for my tummy. Looking forward to seeing your Monday walk.


      1. OMG. Just saw it. Spectacular. You’ve outdone yourself. Now I want the wreath for my door and the second anchor picture for my wall (when I have one). And those sunset lit skies. Fabulous


    1. The wreath is on Lisa’s front door, and yes- that’s her! Though not a particularly good shot. I took one of her lined up with the ‘tin soldiers’ too but that is less than flattering so it’s not here 😦


  3. What a warming post Jo ! Lovely to see some of your explorations in seach of tea and tinsel and angels . Sounds as though your beginning to get into the swing of it now … tree decorated … time for some floury hands maybe 😉
    Lisa looks a darling fun gal ! Have a great Sunday Jo x


    1. Oh no, not floury hands, Poppy! 🙂 Sunday lunch, a heap of ironing and an even bigger heap of cards to write. I’m getting there 🙂 Let me know when the baking’s done and I’ll pop by for a sample 🙂


      1. You’d be welcome to homemade sausage rolls and mince puffs anytime you’d like to drop by Jo 😉 we’re down at the seaside so will be working up an appetite one way or another ! Hope to post soon . MMmm Sunday Lunch …


      2. Sounds like a great idea 🙂 It’s lovely and bright here after yards of rain yesterday but I’ll have to restrict the strolling to the virtual kind 😦


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