Six word Saturday


Eye spy with my little eye


Happy smiling faces in Leeds!  It was hard to hold a camera that night, it was SO cold, but it didn’t stop this family from having fun in their bubble. I was on my way to the Algarve, and that put a smile on my face too.

It was an early start and my son, being only 20 minutes from the airport, had offered a bed for the night.  It was only fair to stand him a decent meal in exchange, wasn’t it?  There were some very tempting aromas in the Christmas market, but a cosy restaurant seemed a much better idea. But not before I played ‘I spy’ on some of the stalls.  Here is one of my favourites.


I’m home for a couple of days and then I’m off to Nottingham, to pay my Christmas visit to my daughter.  She promises me mulled wine on their market.  To keep out the chill, you understand?  But first I will be posting a Monday walk, somewhere warm.  I hope you can join me.

Have a great weekend!  Play a little Eye Spy with Michelle if you like, and certainly pop in on Cate with six words.



  1. It was always too warm to feel like Christmas here. It just LOOKS like Christmas in your photos. Thanks for sharing and for playing 6WS!

  2. The family in the bauble are awesome and I so love Christmas markets. We had a great time drinking Gluhwein at the Christmas markets in Innsbruck and Berlin, wish I was there now 🙂 Merry Christmas Jo!

    1. Thanks a lot, Sam! I’m just back from Nottingham so I’ve got Christmas organised for my daughter. Now I have to think about everybody else 🙂 Hope you have a lovely one!

    1. Thank you SO much for visiting this morning, Meg! (evening 🙂 ) I’m just about to publish the walk and I’ll be straight over to see you. It was going to be a last night visit but the day was full on and I didn’t make it 😦

  3. The WP snow is appropriate for this post, Jo. 🙂
    I love Christmas markets. It’s so much fun strolling around and looking at all the crafts. We have a few here in NYC and you’ve just reminded me that I should make plans to go to one.

  4. Hi sweetie, lovely to see you, I’m a bit behind because of my visitors!
    We’ve got one of those here, £10 to have one photo in there, I might have done it if my babes weren’t tired and grumpy yesterday.I think the angels began in Dartington, near here, I’ve had one for years x:-)x

      1. 😦 I know that feeling! Enjoy every second till then. I’m just finishing my walk then I’ll throw some stuff in a bag for going to Lisa’s tomorrow. 🙂

  5. That is such a cute bubble and such a lovely idea for a family photo. You spied well Jo! Love those little glass angels. They are so adorable! 😀

    Enjoy your visit sweetie and drink a glass for me as well. 😀 ♥

  6. Oh I love the Christmas markets in Europe with all their lovely traditions. How fun is the snow globe…it makes for wonderful photos. Have a nice visit with your daughter.

  7. Great to see you Jo! We have been having such a mild winter so far. I hate to say it for that shall surely bring on a blizzard. Have a lovely visit with your daughter!

    1. Thanks, Sue 🙂 Wild and crazy weather over here! I have to carry heavy shopping bags so I don’t blow away 🙂 Though with Christmas coming that’s not a problem 🙂

    1. It doesn’t seem so cold now, Ad, but the winds are wreaking havoc! I’m not really in Christmas mode yet but I’m pretty sure I will be when I get to Lisa’s. 🙂

  8. I love that glass bubble (bauble), what a wonderful Christmas photo that will make. As for the angels – so pretty, but I really hope those 800 and 300 have a decimal point before the zeros! Have a great time in Notts, I can almost smell the mulled wine…. mmmmm.

    1. Nice idea, aren’t they? Until Andrew commented on how dear the markets are I hadn’t thought about price (just looking- as usual 🙂 ) but I then noticed the labels and don’t think £6 is too bad for a treat. Lisa might want one -and if she doesn’t I might 🙂 Thanks, hon. Trying to make some catch up time today. Ironing next, before it gets dark. I HATE ironing in artificial light! (just another of my idiosyncracies) 🙂

      1. £6 is very good. I always buy my daughter a new tree decoration (she has all the old family ones already) and one of the angels would be lovely. I shall have to see what I can find locally 🙂

  9. Such pretty photos…love the first one, especially. So festive. Did I see you taking the picture??? Hope you had a nice trip…wish I could go there. I am such a displace Anglophile. Many visits but stuck here in VA.

    1. Love the angels too, Cathy. Didn’t stop to look at the price! 🙂 I’ve set this afternoon aside for blog catching up (and ironing for light relief 😦 ) so I should make it to yours, finally.

      1. You’re welcome, sweetheart 🙂 No worries about the walk. There are heaps on tomorrow because of my absence and I need to sit down and write my own! Perhaps I should just publish all the others? 🙂 🙂 I’ve been doing chores for Dad and trying to catch up so I can leave Michael provided for while I’m away. (you know he’s a helpless soul 🙂 )

    1. It’s funny but mulled wine isn’t one of my favourites, Cynthia. For some reason I’m not keen on cinnamon and cloves. Lisa loves it though, so I’m sure I’ll have a hot chocolate with brandy or some such to keep her company. Thank you so much for spending time with me today. 🙂

  10. Oh, of course the mulled wine is only for heating purposes! Have a great time with your daughter and I liked the fun winter photo from Leeds. My university city – although it has changed massively since then.

  11. Traveling around during the festive season, Jo. What a great way to spend this time of the year, with loved ones and it sounds like your family are excited to see you. Stay safe, and I’m sure you’ll be taking a lot of photos in the next few weeks 🙂

    1. I haven’t seen my daughter since early this year, Mabel, so I’m really looking forward to my visit. 🙂 And it makes coming back from the Algarve into the cold not seem so bad! Thank you 🙂

  12. Gosh back already Jo ! I love that family snow globe and who can resist Angels 🙂
    Have fun at the market .. and keep steady on your feet Jo .. that’s on account of the gale winds of course 😀

    1. Tricky these winds, aren’t they, Poppy? 🙂 We were very lucky- some of the Algarve flights into Leeds Bradford had to be diverted to East Midlands because of the gales. I joked to my daughter that I might have arrived before she got the Christmas tree up, because EM is just down the road from her. 🙂 No- mine’s not going up till next weekend, before you ask…

    1. Thanks, Anabel! 🙂 My coach leaves on Monday morning but I hope to be online a while, and Lisa has internet of course, so I can do a little early morning stuff while I’m away. She’s a night owl 🙂

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