Six word Saturday


Eye spy with my little eye


Happy smiling faces in Leeds!  It was hard to hold a camera that night, it was SO cold, but it didn’t stop this family from having fun in their bubble. I was on my way to the Algarve, and that put a smile on my face too.

It was an early start and my son, being only 20 minutes from the airport, had offered a bed for the night.  It was only fair to stand him a decent meal in exchange, wasn’t it?  There were some very tempting aromas in the Christmas market, but a cosy restaurant seemed a much better idea. But not before I played ‘I spy’ on some of the stalls.  Here is one of my favourites.


I’m home for a couple of days and then I’m off to Nottingham, to pay my Christmas visit to my daughter.  She promises me mulled wine on their market.  To keep out the chill, you understand?  But first I will be posting a Monday walk, somewhere warm.  I hope you can join me.

Have a great weekend!  Play a little Eye Spy with Michelle if you like, and certainly pop in on Cate with six words.



  1. It was always too warm to feel like Christmas here. It just LOOKS like Christmas in your photos. Thanks for sharing and for playing 6WS!


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