Saying goodbye to Autumn


My last post, about Lumiere 2015 at Durham, is a hard act to follow.  I was tempted to just let it ride until I come back to the blog in December, but the Christmas ‘rush’ will be well and truly here by then.  There’ll be no opportunity to bid farewell to Autumn.  It’s been kind to us this year and I’m quite reluctant to let it go.  Just a week or two ago I was wandering through Durham.

On a bright Autumn day the shadows can be as beautiful as the blue sky.  I loved playing with them on my walk at Auckland Castle this week.  IMG_0777


It must have been about the same time last year that I was here, because there’s a poster advertising the Christmas Food and Craft Market on 20th November.  I well remember my ginger wine and mince pie, whilst looking at the palatial dining room, shared with you on this walk.  This year they’re going a step further, with an outdoor skating rink until 3rd January.  I might just have to come back for that.


Of course, it’s no good having a great view without a bench to admire it from.  And one bench invariably leads to another.  Let’s leave the Deer House and go looking for some more shadows, shall we?  I’d better catch up to those walkers too.


I think I’ve just about got Autumn out of my system.  And managed to share a few more benches for Jude.  It’s the last week of Festival of Leaves too and Verena has done a wonderful job.

If you do get the chance to visit Auckland Castle in the near future, don’t hesitate. It’s a beautiful setting and there are plans afoot to make it even more interesting.

That’s all from me for a week or two.  Take care of each other, please.


  1. You bought your own domain, ah yes, I remember why – cause of the picture size. Here’s hoping for a kind Winter, kind Spring and even kinder Summer! Romantic walk, I will limp at slow pace behind you, but I am following 😀

      1. I found some kind of treatment (physio that does spinal manipulation – he even did Van Damme) and he is a friend/extended family (but I am a paying customer) – just someone I trust a lot. It appears that the problem originated in the back and he is putting me together working on my nerves thrice a week and ending it with a vitamin shot in a tush. I now walk about 5000 steps a day, still can’t do stairs or rises especially descending slopes and stairs, but I have a lot of faith that I will recover fully even if it takes a year, I will never give up.

      2. It’s not so much pain but discomfort and I am not taking pain killers, but if I were to take stairs like other people (not one stair at the time) it would hurt. Yes, I am improving definitely. Strange how long it took to find out what’s wrong and most people never come to the bottom of the problem. Around your birthday I did an MR (privately to avoid waiting for a year) and it showed that my knees are mostly ok, so I had to keep searching. Thank you for your curiosity Jo. 🙂

  2. Your Durham walk was much sunnier than my Algarvian one yesterday! Where did the sun go yesterday? At least it returned today but what a cold morning it was, probably why I spent the today writing this
    Lovely to meet you for coffee last week, do let us know when you are back in January.

    1. Hi Becky! 🙂 I had to peak in my diary to remind myself of the cloudy day but we were out walking and I was too busy chatting to mind. My camera stayed in my pocket most of that one but it was gloriously sunny when we left for the airport 😦
      I enjoyed meeting you and Robert very much too. Hope to see you again. Thanks for the walk 🙂

      1. Easy to forget the grey days as they are so rare! I always wish grey days were departure days but unfortunately as you found yesterday that rarely happens. Whilst you were at airport we were up in the hills enjoying the sun!
        Hope your Christmas preparations go well, and look forward to catching up when you are next out here 🙂

  3. What beautiful autumn colours! The castle and its grounds look like a very tranquil place to escape the madness of all things that lead up to Christmas! I have written a post about my stroll down Portobello Road when I was in London a few months ago. I hope you will enjoy strolling with me – Lee-Anne

  4. What an amazing photo series to end the festival with… Jo, it is beautiful! I especially love the benches 😉 Can imagine perfectly to sit there and let the sun set, the leaves fly around…
    Thank you so so much for taking part, it was a wonderful time. Really hope to see you again next year in autumn!
    xxx verena

  5. And a beautiful walk it was Jo! Just love the bright red leaves shot which makes me wish we had more of an Autumn here in the south. But then we’d probably have to put up with winter too, and that’s a deal-killer for me!!!

  6. Such an amazing Autumn walk Jo and it looks like you’re sorry that it’s gone. I also miss Autumn. It’s my most favourite season for sure.

    Stunning shots of all the beauty around you. Thanks so much for sharing. ♥

  7. What a delightful autumn farewell! Castle walls and shadows, bare limbs and bright red leaves. That first photo of the red-black flowers is stunning.

    1. I hope to, Madhu 🙂 The temperatures look very pleasant and we have a couple of walks lined up. Escaping the snow as rapidly as I can 🙂 Got to watch Rafa first 🙂 Thanks, darlin’.

  8. Is that a poppy you have featured at the beginning? I am always thrilled when people share certain blooms which speak to them about autumn. It’s interesting to see what stays in late bloom and what others associate with the season.

  9. I was surprised to see some flowers still blooming around here. I would have thought they’d all be dead since we’ve had a frost. That otter bench is cool. Have a good time away from here, Jo.

  10. Well we have a skating rink (til Jan) here also and I am hoping to skate – keep us posted if you do get to do it…. And favorite takeaways from this post – the artsy otter bench and all your shadows! Oh and the spider web branches was so cool. Ok – have a nice break Amiga 💕

  11. Still some Hollyhocks .. wow ..
    I’m looking forward to a cold snap over the weekend Jo but then it will mean an almighty sweepand rake up of leaves here … :-/
    Super Autumn gallery .. won’t be long and it will take on totally different look . Love those trees in the landscape .
    Have a completely marvellous break in your lovely Portugal xx

    1. I’m hoping to stay ahead of the snow, Poppy. It’s really not my thing except in very brief flurries. 🙂 Did you see the the Lumiere post? It was a night of fantasy followed by tragedy. Thanks for the good wishes, hon. 🙂

  12. I am glad that you decided to do this post because it is beautiful. I am suffering the same temperatures as Lignum Draco and I welcome some end to Autumn weather, even if it is only virtual. See you in a few weeks!

      1. 🌞 Sending your warm thoughts from (extremely) sunny Sydney…the good news is a southerly is just starting to kick in and down under that means cooler temps. Hope you outrun the snow ❄️

  13. I feel sorry for some of you. Good that autumn is hanging around a little longer than usual. But winter will arrive soon enough. And where I live now, it’s autumn all winter long!! But we have no benches for Jude!

    1. Well, Gilly tells me it’s still warm in the Algarve. 🙂 I hadn’t dared check till now. (I totally pretend that the weather doesn’t matter to me and I’m a total liar) So long as I can saunter along a beach or two I’ll be happy. I’ll face whatever when I return, but I have a visit to my sparkly daughter then and that is worth looking forward to.

  14. This is a gorgeous post Jo, you’ve really upped your game with your photography recently. I still have the Tavira weather on my phone so I know roughly what you’re going to, lovely, lovely lovely! Enjoy every warm moment, take care and come back soon x:-)x

    1. I still haven’t looked at the weather, Gilly, but I had an email from a neighbour over there last night and she says ‘looking good’ too. 🙂 Sad person that I am, I will be hoping to watch Rafa at her home on Sunday. She was widowed suddenly at this time last year so she won’t mind the company. Take care, darlin’. Sending hugs xx

    1. Hmmm… I can definitely see your point, Viv. 😦 Wrap up warm! It’s looking wild, woolly and white for a day or so. Hoping to stay just ahead of it. 🙂 Take good care!

  15. Ooh, I’d quite like some ginger wine and mince pie right now — even though in Sydney today we’re heading for a high of 40C (104F). But it’s almost too cool in the office due to the air conditioning.

  16. We too, have experienced an extended Autumn here. Very mild temperatures although they are predicted to drop this weekend. Enjoy your time away Jo, we shall miss you my friend.

  17. Jo, although infrequent visitor I wanted to stop by and wish you well. The deep maroon or burgundy poppy was a pretty start. I will hope you have a splendid break. 🙂
    I really enjoyed the camera play with shadows and light. I think I may have seen a few photos of the Auckland Castle before but the perspectives and directions showed new and interesting features of this beautiful castle.

    1. Very welcome whenever you can manage it, Robin. 🙂 I did a walk from Auckland Castle this time last year, and I actually had blue skies for that too. Most unusual! It’s a lovely spot. 🙂 Take care of yourself!

    1. I have more! Perhaps I should cancel the Algarve to give me time to post them all? 🙂 🙂 I still haven’t dared check the weather but my neighbour over there says it should be good. I hope to be watching Rafa at her home on Sunday (she was widowed suddenly and shockingly at this time last year so it’ll be a bit of distraction). Fingers crossed xx

  18. Wonderful Jo – I love the angles that you take your shots of the architecture, really lets us appreciate it all the more. Beautiful scenes as we say goodbye to Fall.

  19. l’intricatoa ragnatela dei rami come un sipario che racchiuda la scena dell’autunno, i fascinosi castelli e le foglie cadute, la tristezza di panchine solitariee…le tue consuete strepitose fotografie!!!! tutto veramente splendido
    buona serata cara Jo

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