1. I wouldn’t mind seeing such colourful leaves here when it’s Autumn, but I don’t see much. It’s only in summer that all the leaves starts falling down but they are not colourful at all. I think this side the trees got a bit confused. LOL!

        Obsessions like this are good, especially when you can take such awesome shots of it like you do. 😀


      2. Oh, take your time sweetie. I know I am not in a hurry. I am taking a bit of a rest now and then I am going back to my housework. Just wanted to pop in to my favourite blogs quickly and I went through your photos the time I commented, but as always someone or something interrupted, so I couldn’t leave any comments. With your beautiful shots it’s always like reading a wonderful story. I love going through them.

        Take care and have a lovely day darling. ♥


      3. Hugs to you too darling. Same here but no dad to spoil. You are blessed. Yeah, let’s get back in the groove. Keeps us busy and out of trouble. hahaha! ♥


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