Six word Saturday


Damp and disheveled, but not disheartened

Cream scone, anyone?

Cream scone, anyone?

The day was not perfect, but there were compensations.  If you like jam and cream, of course.

Let it pour! I'm inside.

Let it pour!  I’m inside.

And there'a lovely fire

There’s a lovely fire

And the promise of better to come

And maybe those clouds will blow away

After a good night's sleep

After a good night’s sleep

Maybe tomorrow

Tomorrow’s another day!

Thank you so much, everyone, for your good wishes!  The gift of glassware from Meg was especially appreciated, but with or without presents I had a splendid time.  Yes, I did make it to that waterfall, but the trip on the lake steamer didn’t happen.  My own fault, as usual.  Willful, headstrong, but mostly happy, if sometimes just a little damp.

Have a great weekend, won’t you?  I’m just going to pop in on Cate at Six word Saturday.  See you Monday at the waterfall?



  1. What a lovely way to spend a birthday Jo, that big bucket of cream I think needed 2 scones, but it looked delicious. and so warm and cosy round the fire. But Christmas decorations already??? They did look cheerful though.


  2. What a lovely place, that room with the log fire will do nicely, very nicely indeed 🙂 With the cream tea of course. And the beautiful Christmas decorations…so glad you had such a lovely, happy birthday Jo xx


  3. It’s been pretty damp and foggy here too babe, but I did spend a couple of lovely hours with Sue today, with cake. I’ve never seen cream in one of those little buckets, whatever next? You need a Devon cream tea!Hope you got a glimpse of sun today x:-)x


    1. Fantastic! Both to you meeting Sue and to the promise of a Devon cream tea! 🙂 It has to happen one day, don’t you think, Gilly? Maybe when Jude has made the move to Cornwall.
      Wind and rain all day but it’s been a ‘working’ Sunday for me. Just settling down with the laptop now. 🙂


  4. Only one scone Jo? That’s not going to go far between us! Love the fire, but I would be a little disconcerted about the Christmas decorations already, they are just a little early don’t you think? But then I am not one for decorating and I think you are. It does make it look quite sumptuous though and I bet you felt like a fairy princess with all those twinkling lights 🙂

    I’d better go and look for my wellies now if I am to accompany you up the waterfall tomorrow 😉


    1. Way too early, Jude, but I was mostly in the Orangery with my nose pressed up against the window, waiting to go out and explore. 🙂 We weren’t staying at the Inn on the Lake but I did have a bit mooch round with the camera. The rain didn’t stop so I had to get up early next morning to have a proper look around. I’ve never stayed in Glenridding before but I liked it very much. You’ll get by in stout shoes tomorrow! 🙂 🙂

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      1. I can do stout. Shoes that is 😀
        We didn’t stop in Glenridding but drove through from over the Kirkstone Pass (from Ambleside). What a road! We were going to look for Aira Force, but instead had a wander alongside the lake and then continued to Dacre for dinner. Such a lovely area. I’d be very happy to go back.


      2. I shall miss the hills when we move to Cornwall, but I can’t live everywhere, unless we buy a motor-home or canal boat and there wouldn’t be room in those for OH’s guitars 😉


  5. Pretty pictures, Jo. The rainy atmosphere added a lot, an aura common to the U.K.
    I’m missing that, I miss being on Abey Road everty day. I miss the U.K. (After their five year London stay–living on the Beatles’ corner and just around from Paul McCartney–they came back to Houston a year ago July 16.)
    Oh well, maybe aothet Wales holiday.
    BTW, I’m on Six Word Saturday again, this New Day, yesterday, with a little ditty.


    1. “They” who were living in London were our daughter–works for BP–and SIL and now-six-year-old granddaughter, KP. They now live a few blocks from us, we moved. We see KP 3-4 times a week and often walk with her to and/or from school.


  6. And what a beautiful day it was! I can see you had a great day, even though it was raining Jo. I love rainy days. 😀

    Stunning photos as always. I love the last photo. ♥


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