Six word Saturday


Let’s count ‘Shauns’ in the City!

Jarsberry Ram

‘Jarsberry Ram’, at The Pump House

In my Monday walk this week we had a smile at ‘Wish ewe were here’.  Throughout the city of Bristol, for the rest of this month, 70 endearing sheep sculptures are to be found.  The Shaun in the City  trail, in aid of the Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity, has brought joy to young and old alike.  The detail and humour in the sculptures raises many a smile, if not a giggle!

Let me introduce you to a few more Shauns.  Just click on a photo to open the galleries.

I had gone to Bristol to watch the hot air balloon festival, in the grounds of the Ashton Court estate.  Naturally there was a Shaun overseeing the restaurant, but I had more of an eye for the lovely gardens.

Meet 'Buttercup'

Meet ‘Buttercup’

Looking back to the house

Looking back to the house

I wish now that I’d carried my ‘Shauns’ map around with me, like many of the eager-eyed children (and grandparents!) I saw.  Looking back I find that I’ve blithely walked within metres of a few of them in all ignorance.  Never mind- the show must go on!

After I left my lovely friend Viveka, I went strolling canalside.  Boats, bridges… the lure is always the same for me.  And sheep, of course.

Valentine's Bridge- isn't this a nice one?

Valentine’s Bridge- isn’t this a nice one?

Temple Meads Station was a great venue.

Are you starting to feel a little sleepy?  Not long now!  The cathedral was beautiful but I haven’t time to take you inside or we’ll never get there.  I did feel sheepish when I put my donation in the collecting box for children’s drawings of Shaun by mistake!  I expect it’ll find a good home.

'Air Fleece'

‘Air Fleece’- still raining a bit, but brighter

'on the Waterfront' I was in my element

‘On the Waterfront’ I was in my element

I have shown you only a taster of what is available to see and do in Bristol.  So what are you waiting for?  Grab a map and go!  If by any chance you can’t make it by the end of this month, Shaun will be gathering a few more friends and meeting at The Mall at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol from 12-20th September.

Don’t feel hard done by if you live in our capital!  There’s a ewe-nique opportunity to see the whole flock together at Covent Garden in London, from 24-27th September.  And if all else fails, perhaps you’d like to bid for a Shaun at auction?  Go on- you know you want to! Register here.

It’s a bit grey in Hartlepool today but looking at these has made me smile.  I hope it’s done the same for you.  Don’t forget your Saturday visit to Cate with your ‘six words’.  I hope to see you on Monday, when I will be taking one more walk in Bristol before I disappear off to the Algarve for a week or two. (it will be SO peaceful while I’m gone)



  1. Oh I love this post Jo tried to work out what all those ewes are made of. Maybe plastic? I must admit a leaning towards Shaun on the cob… We have large painted koalas scattered all over the Gold Coast.

    1. Have you done a ‘koala trail’ Pauline, or are they too widely scattered? I’d love a look 🙂
      Some kind of plastic finish I suppose. Very clever, aren’t they 🙂

      1. Not sure how many koalas there are ( I guess I could Google it!!!)and They were in a sculpture festival called “swell” a few years ago ( it is on again mid September) They were auctioned for charity and taken all over, some inside buildings.

    2. No, I didn’t mean you to hunt them down (poor chaps 🙂 ) I just thought you might have a previous post? Will you be at the sculpture festival, or are you elsewhere?

  2. What a fun post, Jo! I loved seeing all the Shauns! So clever and creative.

    It’s so hard to pick my favorite. Maybe the Shaun on the Cob? But I quite like the first one — the Jarsberry Ram.

    1. I always include links in my posts and there are links to Shaun in the City in all of the posts where I have referred to them so I’m sorry if you had to search elsewhere. The next venue is London, and then they will be auctioned. 🙂

    1. Can’t please all the people, Meg 🙂 i know you prefer more high-minded pursuits (smiling! 🙂 🙂 ) and nature. Not much that’s natural about these guys, but I still love ’em.

  3. Awe what fun those sheep are! I wish I could see them in person, I would totally carry a map around to see them all! I love the bridge pic too! Hope you are having a great Sunday!

    1. So clever, don’t you think? I really like On the Waterfront and Jarsberry Ram, but there’s not one I wouldn’t have in my garden (or sitting on the front step 🙂 )

  4. Well I really hope you don’t want me to pick a favourite because I wouldn’t know where to start. I’m afraid I won’t be bidding for one as I am saving up for an elephant 😉

      1. Went to a local park and did a 2.5 mile walk for you, but went over on my ankle so I have a very sore foot now as it is the same one with the Achilles problem 😦

        I shall try and get one of the walks up for you before you go away, I think I shall rest my foot tomorrow!

      2. No worries at all about the walk, Jude. I’m not going to schedule while I’m away. It’s absolutely bouncing with rain and thunder right now. James is working Leeds Festival and I think it’s going to be another soggy one this year. What a lovely wash I will come back to! 🙂

      3. It was stinking hot here today – 30 degrees! Luckily there was a breeze and it was lovely walking among the trees in the park. I am so glad I went there and not somewhere without shade. Apart from the foot that is 😦

        I think it is supposed to rain tomorrow, but not until later.

      1. Am conflicted (tongue in cheek) the Dutch in me would say “Interesting! But….art??” The by now American side would mention “I like the strawberry -so bright, the corn – so cute, and the Kings’ posterior, and his live-guardsman. I don’t know what a mainstream French woman, or Polish, or South-African would say!

  5. They’re hilarious and definitely made me smile! I’m a bit concerned that Buttercup may have an identity crisis so she can be my favourite and I’ll take her under my wing. On the waterfront is stunning indeed and the bridge leads to the Weatherspoon I’ve been to a few times for a cocktail before catching the train home!

  6. Thanks, Jo, for showing us these delightful Shauns. I can’t decide which I like best – they are all unique pieces of art and can’t help but make you smile. We had a similar event here in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area but with cows. My favorite was a cow on crutches outside a local orthopedic hospital – it was named “Owie Cowie.”

    1. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Bristol, but it’s a lovely city. I already had a friend there and I don’t think I’d take much persuading to go back, Shauns or otherwise. 🙂 Thank you very much, Lizzie!

  7. You found so many, fantastic, I saw some in London when they were here. I might just go to Covent Garden in September to have another look. I love how they play with word like King Arthur of Lambelot and Excalibaaar. Great fun!

    1. Very nice so far, Rosemay, thanks 🙂 A walk through the park to zumba then meeting a friend for lunch in our marina a bit later. Collapsed with the laptop for the rest of the day 🙂
      Yes, the youngsters absolutely loved them (as did I 🙂 )

  8. I wish I was in Bristol to see all of these Shaun the Sheep sculptures. I love the cartoon. It wasn’t a part of my childhood, but I discovered Shaun in my teens and looked forward to watching the cartoon show whenever it came on TV in Singapore 🙂 Brilliant shots, Jo. Very well done and amazing how you didn’t get people in the shots, except for the borrowed child 😉 I enjoyed this post very much 🙂

  9. Try saying that after a few beers. There’s a similar thing in Birmingham this summer called the Hoot Trail, with loads of owls around the city centre – anything to keep the kids busy in the holidays!

  10. I think Shaun is … very cool – and you have a very good hunter …. love the “buttercup” – You manage to get him with out kids .. excellent job!!!! “On the Waterfront’ too. Fantastic post … made me feel so good, Jo. Needed bad, got coffee in my new netbook yesterday … have see if the boys can fix it. Totally dead, still wet inside I suppose.

    1. Oh, no, Vivi! That’s dreadful! 😦
      Zumba’d out here! I’m just back for quick coffee (ouch!) and shower before meeting Ann in our marina. Catch up later. Fingers crossed, darlin’.

      1. Yes, it was only 6 months old … but I think it’s gone with the wind. Any it has to be a new one … glad I have saved all my memory cards .. otherwise all images would be gone to.
        I hope you had a fantastic day … I have been walking about in Landskrona today. Fantastic weather. HugHug …

      2. Any news? Thank goodness for memory cards! Reminds me I should back my Bristol photos up 🙂
        Had such a nice day, even though the weather is crazy! Sunny rain with long grey spells. Maybe it’s April? But I was in such nice company- who cares! 🙂

      3. No, they will not work on it until Monday … it needs to dry up too. I never empty my memory cards … they are so cheap, so I have a little special purse for memory cards. I have to organize them .. put number on them. Tomorrow will be a good day for that, next week … only hospital appointments. Enjoy you company ..
        Like our guide said in Tokyo … I can’t influence the weather .. only my husband. Have a good one.

      1. I know … got just before I left for Japan .. I doubt they will be able to fix it. And the coffee was on very good distance from the laptop. Internet looking for a new one, but they don’t have the same model anymore .. it was a great light machine.

  11. Of what a hoot. Or should I say BAA! Whoever though up this daft project ought to be given an OBE for bringing laughter and pleasure to humanity. You are a whizz too, Jo, for sharing this great stuff.

  12. Oh, you spotted loads of them Jo. Well done, they look wondeful. I only spotted a few when they were in London but maybe I can get there for the Covent Garden ewestravaganza!

    1. Wish I could, Debs, but I’ll barely be back from Poland. All this jaunting about is frowned on ‘in certain quarters’ (the OH, but he is coming to the Algarve and Poland so… )

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